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When Dogs Go Awry

Date: Dec 7th, 2018 By SMT Legal
Categories: Dog Bite Injury

It is an indisputable fact that having a pet makes life completely better. That is, as long as you have a pet that you can manage. Recent research suggests that 44% of millennial’s see their pets as starter children. This means adults from 18-29 are seeing their pets as a way to navigate family spaces. We assume that these pet owners are doing all they can to ensure the health and safety of their pets, but dogs aren’t just pets—they are animals. By this, I mean that they don’t always listen. They don’t always make the right decision. As much as we know our pups, or think we know our pups, there are always situations where they act out in ways we never thought possible.

Just outside of Pittsburgh, in Mckeesport, a small baby was bitten by a dog within his home. The 2-day old baby was just getting acclimated to sharing a home with his parents and four dogs when the mother ran upstairs leaving the baby on the floor with the four dogs downstairs near him. When the mother came back down, a dog was standing over the baby. She rushed to the hospital with the baby and he died a few days afterward. This tragic tale is a testament to how one just never knows what their animals will do. The neighbors stated that the dogs were never aggressive, but they are animals. You never know how they are going to react.

Think about all the animals you interact with on a daily basis. If you have children, think about whose house they play in with an animal. Larger dog breeds aren’t any more likely to attack smaller breeds; however, the complication of larger breeds is that they have more strength than the smaller ones. Thus, their bite is more intense than smaller breeds. This story is not far off from many of our realities. It only takes one wrong move or one off day for the animals to lose their temper and change your whole life.

Why Hire an Attorney?

Our Dog Bite Injury Lawyers at SMT Legal

in Pittsburgh can help you gather the documentation necessary to get compensation for your trauma. Not only do dog bites lead to medical bills, but depending on the context, the victim can often deal with psychological stress and/or chronic pain. Our motto is “you should not have to pay for a pet owner’s mistakes or neglect”. Dog bites can cause scarring or disfigurement. It can also cause damage to nerves or bones, as well as psychologically traumatic. Last, you can get rabies or some other deadly virus transferred from the bite.

What To Do Next?

Our trusted Dog Bite Injury Lawyers at SMT Legal in Pittsburgh are very aware that your safety and health come first. Understand, though, that you have the right to claim compensation for the medical bills and pain and suffering you dealt with during recovery. Give us a call at 412-765-3345 or click here for more information.

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