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Train and rail accidents usually occur at railroad crossings where cars or trucks are struck by trains that are crossing the track. While human error on the driver’s part can cause these types of accidents, it is usually the case that a defective signal or failure of the train operator to sound their horns or use their lights appropriately leads to these sorts of catastrophic events. If you have been injured in a train and rail accident, you have a right to hold any at-fault parties responsible and accountable for their negligence and seek out compensation for your injuries. SMT Legal has a long history of helping accident victims put their lives back together following these tragic accidents. Our experienced train and rail accident lawyer can help you file your claim and recoup the losses caused by your injuries.

Who’s To Blame for Train Accidents?

Often, it’s difficult to say who’s at fault for train accidents. There are a number of factors that can come into play with a train and rail accident, both human and mechanical. Many train and rail accidents occur at railroad crossings when passenger car drivers try to race across the tracks to beat the train; in such cases, the driver of the car would be at fault due to their reckless driving. Some other causes of train accidents may include:

  • Problems with the train track
  • Crashes with other vehicles, including other trains
  • Distracted pedestrians
  • Train derailment
  • The human error resulting in loss of control of the train
  • Unprotected railroad crossing accidents, where no warning is given of the train’s approach
  • Cars stalled or broken down on train tracks
  • Individuals committing suicide

A train accident always requires a thorough investigation to determine who was at fault. The Federal Railroad Administration is responsible for enforcing railway safety regulations, but railroad companies and commuter rail lines are legally responsible for maintaining their railroads to meet those safety standards.

Train Accident Statistics

What Compensation Can You Get?

A skilled lawyer who is well-versed in train and railway accident cases can help you obtain damages as well as recoup losses after a train and rail accident. Injuries sustained from a train accident fall under personal injury or wrongful death claims, meaning that our attorneys will go to bat for you to ensure you get a just and fair settlement.

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    Getting help for your claim is as easy as consulting with SMT Legal’s team of attorneys. We have the experience and legal knowledge to help you go to bat against the big insurance companies that often represent railroads and large rail companies. Don’t delay in filing your claim; you have just two years from the date of your injuries to get your case on record. Contact us right away following your injuries to discuss your case’s details and the legal remedies available to you under the law. Our Westmoreland County train and rail accident attorney is waiting to hear from you.

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