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Any product has the potential to become a dangerous product and become the focus of a product liability claim. From the parts used to make the product to the assembly of the product to the actual design of the product itself, there are many things that can go wrong, resulting in products that are unsafe and downright dangerous. Cars, for example, are often recalled when a particular part of the safety, steering or braking systems turns out to be faulty. Toys with lead paint make their way through to store shelves, resulting in damages to children who play with them. Medical devices thought to be safe are inserted into the body, only to wreak havoc and cause damage, sometimes life-threateningly so. When products are dangerous and cause harm, then consumers have a right to collect damages from the at-fault party. SMT Legal has historically helped product liability claimants hold defendants responsible when products cause injury. Contact our Westmoreland County product liability attorney right away if you’ve experienced an injury due to an unsafe or dangerous product.

Types of Faulty Products

Faulty or dangerous products are those that create a significant risk of injury to consumers who use the product. Every year, product liability lawsuits make up a huge percentage of personal injury claims due to a large number of people who are injured as a result of using faulty products.

Some types of faulty products include:

  • Products that have sharp blades or edges, particularly when the edges are hard to see
  • Defective products that have slipped out into the general public, such as defective high chairs or car seats
  • Products that involve high levels of heat, electricity voltages, or traveling speeds
  • Products containing poisonous or toxic substances, such as toys or jewelry containing lead
  • Tainted or expired foods, such as vegetables contaminated with E.coli
  • Food items containing harmful substances, such as energy drinks that have DMAA in them
  • Items that are restricted or illegal, such as drugs or firearms

Some products are dangerous without being faulty, such as in the case of guns and firearms, as well as other weapons. Consumers know there is a risk when they purchase these items, which is why there are age restrictions on them that prevent minors from buying them.

Who’s Responsible?

It can be tricky to determine who is responsible for a product liability case. Sometimes safe products may become dangerous or faulty if someone alters or modifies them. Messing around with the design of an electrical device, for instance, can increase your risk of electrical shock, while altering a vehicle may make it dangerous to drive.

A skilled and experienced product liability attorney can help investigate and determine who is responsible if you’ve been injured by a faulty or defective product.

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    Filing a Claim

    As soon as you discover your injury, it’s important to seek legal help with the claims process in a product liability case. The nuances of such cases are complex and best addressed by a knowledgeable and competent attorney who has handled such claims in the past. Reach out to our Westmoreland County product liability attorney now for your no-cost case review.

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