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Westmoreland County Construction and Worksite Accident Attorney

Jobs in construction are inherently dangerous. Construction and worksite accidents can be nothing short of horrific, since there are so many ways that workers can be injured or killed during the construction process. From fall from high scaffolding to crushing injuries and deep cuts from sharp instruments, a construction worksite is rife with potential perils. If you or someone you love was injured or killed while working in construction, then you have a right to seek out damages from the at-fault or negligent party. SMT Legal is ready to help. Our experienced construction and a worksite accident lawyer can help you weigh your legal options and determine the best way forward with your claim.

Who Is Liable for Your Injuries?

Construction is one of the most dangerous jobs there are. Construction site accidents often result in devastating injuries that can either severely alter your life, or even be fatal. Determining liability for such accidents requires the help of an experienced attorney who will conduct a thorough investigation into who or what caused your accident. In some cases multiple parties may be at fault, including negligent subcontractors or coworkers, manufacturers of faulty equipment, or careless employers who failed to issue warnings to their workers regarding dangerous or risky work conditions.

Seeking Compensation

If you’ve suffered an injury while on the job at a construction worksite, you are more than likely entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. However, you must realize that accepting workers’ comp benefits usually means forfeiting the right to seek additional damages from your employer, unless you can prove that your employer deliberately acted in a way in which to cause your injury. Accepting workers’ comp benefits does not, however, prevent you from suing any responsible third parties whose negligence contributed to your injuries, such as the manufacturer of a defective work tool or negligent subcontractor. Both can be held liable for paying damages beyond what you receive via workers’ comp benefits. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced construction and worksite accident attorneys will work diligently in order to ensure you receive a fair and just settlement for the injuries you’ve suffered through no fault of your own.

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    Filing a Claim

    Most injured workers are covered under worker’s compensation, but that’s not always the case. And whether you are or not, the process of filing a worker’s comp claim can be intimidating to say the least. You may feel as if you don’t know where to turn to as with all personal injury claims, it is important to file your construction or worksite accident claim as quickly as possible following your injury in order to comply with Pennsylvania’s two-year statute of limitations. Gather all of your case evidence and have our Westmoreland County construction or worksite accident attorney from SMT Legal review your case’s details in full. Let us handle the legal work while you work on getting better. Schedule your no-cost case review now.

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