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Perhaps one of the most humiliating and harrowing crimes to be accused of is a sex crime. Defendants and their families facing embarrassing sex crime charges are also dealing with the scary thought of being convicted of a crime that may lead to a long prison stint and a lifetime of stigma and humiliation when the convicted is placed on the sex offender registries. This is truly a low point in life for the accused, which is why it is important to seek out experienced yet compassionate counsel to defend yourself against the charges against you.

Our sex crime lawyer listens to your side of the story without judging you or making any decisions about your moral character. We then aggressively work to defend you against the charges and prove that you are innocent, with the ultimate goal of having the charges against you completely dismissed. We understand that you are living a nightmare, facing potential media scrutiny, possibly having your children removed from your home, and perhaps even being harassed by the public who may see you as guilty until proven innocent.

In Pennsylvania, a sex crimes conviction may be as minor as a misdemeanor, with a possible penalty of $5,000 in fines and up to two years behind bars, or it may be as serious as a first-degree felony, which comes with a prison term of up to 20 years and a fine of $25,000. Of course, no sex crime conviction is minor; it’s your reputation on the line, and all convicted sex offenders must register with the sex offender registry, which can haunt them wherever they go and impact their ability to find a place to live, go to school, or find gainful employment.

Our Westmoreland County sex crimes attorney believes that you are innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Whether you are facing a charge of statutory rape, indecent exposure, sexual assault, unlawful contact with a minor or some other charge, our firm provides aggressive legal defense for all clients.

Some past defenses for sex crimes in Pennsylvania include:

  • Illegal wiretapping by police
  • Unconstitutional undercover sting operations
  • Coercive actions by police authorities
  • Mentally unstable complainants
  • Complainant deception regarding age

Our sex crimes defense team will investigate the circumstances surrounding your charges, research legal challenges that may prove applicable in your case and prepare the best defense possible for you. In some instances, cases hinge solely on the sworn testimony of your accuser. A good defense attorney will look into the accuser’s background, history of similar accusations, and any motives that the accuser has to lie about your actions.

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