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Most of us are around dogs on a daily basis, whether we own one or not. While most dogs are relatively harmless, there are times when someone gets bitten, and it may be the dog owner’s fault. At SMT Legal, our qualified and experienced team is going to get to work investigating this bite incident so we can secure the compensation you are entitled to. When you need a dog bite lawyer, call us today so we can get to work.

Dog bites can lead to devastating injuries

There are approximately 90 million dogs in the United States, with nearly half of all households having at least one dog. However, we know that there are around 4.5 million dog bites each year. While not all of these bites cause serious injuries, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that nearly 1 in 5 people bitten by a dog require medical attention.

Injuries from dog bites can be severe. Dogs have strong jaws and can inflict serious wounds, including the following:

  • Severe soft tissue damage
  • Severed ligaments, veins, and arteries
  • Broken bones

Young children are the most susceptible to injuries from dog bites and are the most common dog bite victims. Young children, along with older citizens, cannot easily defend themselves or get away from an attacking dog. However, anyone can be a victim of a dog bite, regardless of age and physical ability.

Who is liable for a PA dog bite injury?

Proving liability in these cases is important. Most states have strict liability laws that make dog owners responsible for dog bite injuries, even if the dog has no history of aggression. In PA, dog owners are on the line for medical expenses, no matter what caused the incident. They are not, however, required to cover any other damages, like pain and suffering or lost income unless their negligence caused the injuries.

A dog owner can be negligent in these cases in various ways. The victim must prove that the dog’s owner:

  • Knew the dog has vicious tendencies
  • The owner neglected to control the dog properly

Courts will also generally hold dog owners liable if they fail to properly restrain their pets at all times, regardless of whether the dog was dangerous or not.

We are ready to get to work

If you or someone you love has been injured by a dog bite, seek legal assistance today. You may be entitled to compensation for what has happened. At SMT Legal, we will investigate your case and work to determine whether the dog’s owner is liable for your injuries. Our goal is to secure compensation for all of your bite-related expenses, including:

  • Your medical expenses related to the bite
  • Lost wages and benefits if you are unable to work
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Loss of personal enjoyment damages
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