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Venango County Product Liability Attorney

Venango County product liability attorneys are consumer advocates who represent people injured by defective products here in Venango County and across the state. Pennsylvania law protects consumers from dangerous and defective products by holding manufacturers and sellers of these products responsible for resulting injuries and damages. Companies that put consumer products on the market have a duty to keep consumers safe from dangers and defects and when they breach that duty, innocent consumers suffer serious injuries that can be debilitating or deadly.

Unfortunately, product liability claims often go unreported. Sometimes consumers assume that they do not have the necessary proof of purchase such as packaging or receipts, or that they do not stand a chance against large retailers and manufacturers that have unlimited resources. Manufacturers and sellers of defective products may have unlimited resources, but consumers are protected by Pennsylvania laws that are aimed to protect consumers and give them the opportunity to hold those parties accountable.

Types of product defects

Three types of product defects are detailed below.

  • Design defects occur when there is an inherent danger in the design of a product meaning that when the product is constructed in conformance with the design, it presents a danger to users. For example, a recall may be issued for an entire line of dressers because, as designed, they are top heavy and unstable leading to tip over injuries and fatalities.
  • Manufacturing defects occur when the construction of a product departs from the design plans making the product unsafe as constructed. For example, if the design calls for 1.5 inch screws and 1 inch screws are used instead, the product as constructed may present the danger of coming apart and injuring a consumer.
  • Warning or instruction defects occur when a product does not contain proper warnings or instructions and without those warnings or instructions, there is potential for the consumer to use the product in a reasonably foreseeable way that would result in injuries.

Types of product liability claims

Attorneys at SMT Legal work on all types of product liability cases including some of the more common cases listed below.

  • Automobile and automobile parts defects
  • Boat and boat parts defects
  • Dangerous children’s products
  • Tainted food products causing illness after consumption
  • Home appliances, electronics, furniture, and other types of home products
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Products with dangerous chemicals
  • Machinery and tools

Product liability defenses

Common defenses raised in product liability cases include the following:

  • The product was not the cause of the plaintiff’s injuries.
  • The plaintiff was injured because he or she did not use the product in the correct or reasonably foreseeable way.
  • The product came with clear warnings or instructions for use to prevent injury.
  • There is no safer design alternative for the product.
  • The plaintiff substantially modified the product after it was purchased from the retailer.
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    If you have been injured by a defective product, contact a Venango County product liability attorney at SMT Legal to schedule a free case evaluation. Consumer products should be safe and free from defects, but when they are not and they cause injuries to innocent consumers, liable parties should be held accountable.

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