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Traveling by bus is usually safe, especially compared to traveling by car. School bus accidents in particular are high profile bus accidents that typically make national news and this may make it seem like bus accidents are more common than they are. Pennsylvania’s recent annual accident reports show 569 commercial bus accidents and 292 school bus accidents across the state with 3 of those school bus accidents occurring here in Venango County.

While bus travel is statistically safer than other types of travel, Venango County bus accident attorneys know that when accidents do happen, the injuries can be catastrophic and it is often people outside of the bus that sustain the worst injuries in accidents.

Types of bus accidents

Personal injury lawyers at SMT Legal handle all types of bus accidents including the following:

  • School bus accidents: Parents put their trust in school districts and bus drivers when they send their kids off to school on the bus. If an accident is caused by things like a negligent bus driver or bus maintenance issue, those who suffer injuries may have a claim against the bus driver, school district, and/or contracting company.
  • Public buses: Public buses are usually government owned and operated and accidents often result in claims against government entities.
  • Charter buses: Charter buses are often used for things like college community service trips, church groups, travel parties, and individual passengers traveling from one state to another.

Bus accident liability

When it comes to bus accidents, liability can be tricky because there are a number of people and parties that could be responsible for accidents and thorough investigations are often necessary to determine liability. Liable parties maybe the bus driver, government entities including school districts and municipalities, the company that owns or operates the bus, the party responsible for bus maintenance, the manufacturer or seller of a defective bus, or the driver of another vehicle that caused the bus accident.

Bus accident investigations

Experienced bus accident attorneys know that building an accident claim begins with a thorough investigation that may involve medical experts, accident reconstruction, and independent investigators. Attorneys will also interview witnesses, review police reports, and look into bus company records.

Bus records

Bus records related to safety training, maintenance records, black box records, any available accident footage from bus cameras, and bus drivers’ background checks are especially important in bus accident claims to help determine the cause of the accident and contributing factors. It is also important to review cell phone records of drivers involved in the accident to determine if distracted driving was a factor in the accident.

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