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When you have suffered serious injuries in an accident, your focus should be on your recovery. That can be hard to do when your life is disrupted with things like physical pain, physical limitations, motor vehicle damage, medical bills, calls from insurance companies, and an inability to drive. Every personal injury is different from the injury itself, to how it affects the injury victim in his or her day to day life, to how it affects the victim’s family members and loved ones as well.

Our Personal injury lawyers from SMT Legal understand that you need to focus on your recovery and the issues. Our attorneys make things easier for our clients by making sure that their needs and their families’ needs are met in the short term and the long term. Our attorneys do that by working to get necessary medical care and medical bills paid for our clients, hiring experts to evaluate their injuries, gathering evidence and building a strong case, and negotiating with insurance companies.

Types of personal injury cases

Our attorneys handle all types of personal injury cases including those described below.

  • Workers compensation accidents can be difficult when employers and/or workers’ compensation insurers do not treat injured employees fairly and deny them the compensation to which they are entitled. It is also important to go after third parties whenever possible in order to maximize injured employees’ compensation.
  • Motor vehicle accidents involving regular passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, taxicabs, and rideshares.
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accidents caused by dangerous conditions such as cracked and uneven pavement or negligent motor vehicle operators.
  • Premises liability injuries caused by a dangerous condition on someone else’s property like a neighbor’s house or retail store. These cases include accidents such as slip and falls and dog bite injuries.
  • Product liability including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, tainted food, motor vehicle parts, and other dangerous and defective products.
  • Wrongful death claims may be initiated on behalf of close family members who have suffered as a result of losing a loved one due to someone else’s wrongful conduct. Survival actions brought to benefit the deceased’s estate for the losses he or she suffered also are sometimes available.
  • Medical malpractice injuries resulting from negligence related to medical professionals and medical facilities.

Insurance companies

Before settling a personal injury claim, it is important to know the value of the injury victim’s claim which includes the extent of the injuries, medical expenses, future medical expenses, disability, and pain and suffering. Most injured parties are anxious at the thought of going through a trial and most personal injury cases are settled prior to trial, but when insurance companies are being uncooperative, a trial may be necessary. And when insurance companies know that plaintiffs’ attorneys like SMT Legal are not afraid to go to trial, they are typically much more cooperative in negotiations.

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    If you have suffered a personal injury caused by someone else’s conduct, contact a Venango County personal injury attorney at SMT Legal. Our attorneys are aggressive advocates for injury victims and their families.

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