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Client Reviews & Testimonials

Joseph – Personal Injury Client

I was an accident victim on a construction site and speaking with many people that were in similar situations, we all agree: while we were in suffering mode from our injuries, everything takes too long! Insurance companies are too slow, the court system is too slow, and our settlements are too slow. And we heal and recover much too slow. What matters most when you are finally through the storms and the physical and mental sufferings and fears, is the FINANCIAL SETTLEMENT for your sufferings, the time spent out of work, the medical bills, medications, rehab, loans and so on. I can honestly say, I am completely satisfied with my monetary settlement. It was more than expected, and that’s the bottom line. We deserve to be compensated! I still call SMT Legal from time to time for recommendations and/or referrals for other legal matters. And, yes, I would and have highly recommended them to others.

D.J. – Personal Injury Client

Whether hiring a contractor or obtaining legal representation, you never really know what the outcome will be until you get there. Attorneys should be more than a verbal bully in an expensive suit. A gifted tongue is one thing, a punch-line machine is another. I knew that I found “my attorney” in the first meeting. My family’s well-being is my first priority and I felt it was theirs as well. If you are in need of representation your list of firms to call can be narrowed down to one.

Diane – Nursing Home Abuse Client

SMT Legal handled a nursing home abuse case for our family. They were consistently respectful, sensitive, caring and efficient throughout this entire process. Anytime I phoned or emailed with a question, it was never more than 12 hours before they got back to me, and usually they responded within one hour. I’m sure ours was not SMT’s largest or most important case, but they made us feel that it was. I always felt confident that SMT was doing whatever was in our family’s best interest.

Tim – Arbitration Client

I typically try to stay away from lawyers at any cost. I have run companies as a sole-proprietor and as a partner, and I always minimized my dealings with attorneys due to their cost and fear of them generating demand through fear. SMT Legal dispelled my fears and frankly was worth every penny and a whole lot more. I’d call them again in a heartbeat.

Ashley – Car Accident Client

I recently retained SMT Legal to handle an auto accident case and have been nothing but pleased. SMT Legal has been extremely informative, more than patient with the numerous questions and concerns that I’ve had, and has always included me in every decision he has made regarding the case. Our attorney is easily accessible and genuine about striving for the best end result for his clients. I have had nothing but a pleasant experience working with SMT and would highly recommend their services to anyone!

R.C. Corporate Client

As in-house counsel for a major corporation, I have retained SMT Legal to handle a few contract disputes and have been very pleased with the timely and cost-efficient resolution we received.

V.H. Injury Client

You are a great attorney, but an even better person. Thank you.

C.P. Injury Client

You came highly recommended and after my experience with SMT Legal, I will highly recommend you to others as well.

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    Our Personal Injury Lawyers work aggressively to win personal injury cases. We work to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients. Our accident attorneys provides a full range of services from car-accident related injuries and work-site related injuries to medical malpractice and nursing home neglect injuries.

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    We know when to negotiate, when to go to court and how to get money and compensation for your injuries. We have a team of lawyers, investigators, and field experts who work together to build a strong case for our clients.


    As persuasive Pittsburgh Criminal Attorneys, we work aggressively to defend our clients’ rights if they have been charged with a crime. We handle all areas of criminal law including DUI, traffic violations, drug charges and other crimes.
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