I was an accident victim on a construction site and speaking with many people that were in similar situations, we all agree: while we were in suffering mode from our injuries, everything takes too long! Insurance companies are too slow, the court system is too slow, and our settlements are too slow. And we heal and recover much too slow.

What matters most when you are finally through the storms and the physical and mental sufferings and fears, is the FINANCIAL SETTLEMENT for your sufferings, the time spent out of work, the medical bills, medications, rehab, loans and so on.

I can honestly say, I am completely satisfied with my monetary settlement. It was more than expected, and that’s the bottom line. We deserve to be compensated!

I still call SMA Law Group from time to time for recommendations and/or referrals for other legal matters. And, yes, I would and have highly recommended them to others.

Joseph - Personal Injury Client