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Somerset County Electric Scooter Accident Attorney

Electric scooters and ridesharing scooter programs may be relatively new, but the mishaps and accidents that occur with electric scooter use are not. As more and more of these eco-friendly transportation vehicles hit our city streets due to ridesharing efforts, we are bound to see an uptick in the number of electric scooter accidents. If you have been hurt as a scooter rider or by a scooter rider, contact our personal injury lawyer now to discuss the details of your case with our compassionate legal team.

Scooter riders may be thrilled at the easy availability of rideshare scooters, and it’s easy to see why. They are fun, relatively simple to use, and inexpensive to rent. Users simply log on to an app to find a scooter available, activate it, and pay for their rides—all in one fell swoop. As convenient as it is, however, city officials and those opposed to scooter ridesharing say that parking issues, areas designated for riding scooters and docking them, and liability for accidents are all major issues. The dangers that arise with scooter use include:

  • Riders generally have no designated paths for their trips, so drivers don’t really know where to expect them. It is not unusual for riders to ride scooters not just on sidewalks and in bike lanes, but also right in the street and crossing busy intersections.
  • Helmet use is not required. The head is one of the most vulnerable areas of the body, and when it hits the pavement, a vehicle, or some other object, serious and traumatic brain injuries can occur.
  • Riders are usually untrained and oftentimes distracted. Scooter riders are not required to obtain any sort of safety and use training prior to taking off on their rented scooters. Like any other drivers, they may also be driving while texting or even eating or drinking. There have also been reports of riders being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. All of these factors point to lessened attention to safety.

Injuries From Electric Scooter Accidents

Similar to injuries sustained while riding a bike or traveling on foot as a pedestrian, injuries resulting from scooter accidents can range from simple to quite significant. In addition to riding without helmets, riders usually wear improper shoes and apparel, which can make any injuries they sustain even worse. Some injuries possible during a scooter crash include:

Some scooter accidents can even be fatal, depending on the circumstances. Medical costs and treatment can be extensive with even minor scooter accidents, and some accidents can lead to disabilities, impairments and disfigurements.

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    Who is Liable for Your Scooter-Related Injuries?

    Although this is an evolving issue in personal injury law, liability in scooter accidents typically comes down to negligence. It might fall on the electric scooter company, the entity responsible for sidewalk maintenance, or some other third party who contributed to your injuries. Contact our Somerset County electric scooter accident attorney to discuss the details of your case now.

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