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Most people are involved in a couple of car accidents in their lives. The ones that everyone walks away from are of course the best case scenario, but even those accidents can cause headaches for people. When insurance companies are being unreasonable and unfairly denying coverage or when liability is being disputed even though the accident facts and witnesses make liability clear, these accidents can turn into something much larger than they should have to be.

Issues such as financial uncertainty, not having transportation, and injuries can leave car accident victims feeling overwhelmed and helpless. Somerset County car accident attorneys know that big or small, car accidents can turn lives upside down, but a skilled car accident lawyer can help make things right again. Car accident attorneys are used to dealing with insurance companies and know how they operate, especially when injured parties do not have legal representation. Their goal is to pay out as little as possible, while your attorney’s goal will be to maximize your compensation.

Common types of car accidents

In 2017, Somerset County saw 776 car accidents and 11 resulting fatalities. Based on the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation data, below are listed different types of car accidents and how many of each type occurred in Somerset County.

  • 36 Sideswipes : Sideswipes occur when the sides of two vehicles collide as the vehicles are traveling in the same direction or opposite directions.
  • 116 Angle accidents : Angle accidents occur when the front or back of one vehicle strikes the side of another vehicle, sometimes called at-bone accident. These accidents frequently cause severe injuries and death because cars are not made to withstand impacts to vehicle sides the way they are meant to hold up in front or back impacts.
  • 22 Head On Collisions : When two cars going opposite directions strike each other head on, injuries are often devastating. This is one of the most dangerous types of accidents to be involved in.
  • 100 Rear End Accidents : Rear end collisions are more common than a lot of other types of accidents. Often people in rear end collisions escape injuries, but not always. Whiplash frequently occurs in rear end accidents and depending on the severity, it can require extensive medical treatment.
  • 48 Non-collision Accidents : Non-collision accidents occur when a motor vehicle is in an accident, but does not collide with an object or another vehicle. These accidents often happen due to dangerous weather conditions, poorly maintained roads, or a driver falling asleep as losing control of the vehicle.
  • 369 Fixed Object Accidents : These accidents occur when a car strikes a fixed object along the roadway such as a tree, telephone pole, or road barrier.
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    Regardless of the type of accident, if you were injured in a car accident due to someone else’s fault, contact a Somerset County car accident attorney at SMT Legal to schedule a consultation. Our experienced car accident attorneys will review your accident facts, accident report, and any witness statements. Then they will conduct an investigation in order to discover and collect evidence to support your claim. And finally they will negotiate with insurance companies and prepare your case for trial when necessary.

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