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Somerset County Bicycle Accident Attorney

Somerset County is a great place for bicycling enthusiasts. Residents and visitors alike take advantage of Somerset County’s great mountain biking opportunities and beautiful rails to trails. Bicycling is also popular as an alternative mode of transportation throughout Somerset County cities and towns including the increasing number of people who ride their bicycles to work. Although bicycling and all of its benefits are certainly recognized, our bicycle accident attorneys know the darker side to bicycling shows up when bicycle accidents happen and injuries are sustained.

County, state, and federal officials recognize the dangers in bicycling and have taken steps to enhance safety for bicyclists throughout the state. Our bicycle accident attorneys recommend that you seek medical treatment after a bicycle accident even if don’t think you are seriously hurt. Some injuries have delayed symptoms and catching them early can help speed recovery. It is also recommended that you speak with police and make sure they hear your version of events so that important details and truths make their way into the police report.

Common bicycle accident scenarios

Types of bicycle accidents our attorneys frequently see include the following:

  • Dooring: Pennsylvania’s dooring law prohibits parked vehicle occupants from opening their doors into oncoming traffic and they may not leave their doors open for longer than it takes to load or unload passengers
  • Passing too closely to a bicycle: Pennsylvania requires that vehicles passing bicycles reduce their speed and keep a distance of at least four feet between the bicycle and the vehicle
  • Hit and run: Hit and run accidents are unfortunately not uncommon
  • Lane changes: Frequently lane change accidents occur when a motor vehicle driver fails to check his or her blind spot before changing lanes
  • Turning in front of a bicyclist: Motor vehicle drivers often do not see bicyclists or they misjudge a bicyclist’s speed and that contributes to accidents when a motor vehicle turns in front of a bicyclist’s path
  • Following too closely: Bicyclists are often struck from behind when a vehicle follows too closely
  • Failing to follow traffic signs and signals: Bicycle accidents frequently happen when motor vehicles fail to adhere to traffic signs and signals including rolling stops
  • Dangerous road conditions: Dangerous conditions or events such as obstructions in the roadway, potholes, and slick spots due to weather and spilled or leaked fluids
  • Collision with another bicycle: Bicycle collisions involving more than one bicycle do occur and often they happen on trails when one bicyclist is riding in a negligent manner
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If you were injured or lost a loved one in a bicycle accident caused by someone else’s fault, contact a Somerset County bicycle accident attorney with SMT Legal. Bicycle accident injuries can be extremely severe and medical costs quickly add up. If injuries prevent you from working and collecting a paycheck, those costs seem to add up even more quickly. Our attorneys are aggressive bicyclist advocates who fight to see that injured bicyclists are fully and fairly compensated by negligent parties who have caused their injuries and damages.

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