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Personal injury attorneys know that an accident caused by someone else’s fault is never in your plans and neither are resulting injuries and damages, but unfortunately, that does not stop accidents from happening. When you suddenly have to put your life on hold because of personal injuries, it affects not only your life, but it affects your family as well. Fortunately, when your injuries and damages are caused by someone else’s fault, there are legal remedies available in order for you to secure financial compensation.

Difficulties caused by personal injuries

No two personal injury cases are the same. Accident circumstances and facts are unique in each case and so are the injuries and damages sustained. Personal injuries may disrupt your life, especially when they are significant and some of the difficulties injured people and their families often face are described below.

  • Medical bills : Routine medical bills are expensive for most people anyway, but medical bills that go along with unexpected injuries are often shockingly high.
  • Unable to work : When injuries are serious enough that they render someone unable to work for either a short time or long term, suddenly income that you and your family depend on is gone.
  • Physical recovery : Physical recovery often involves a lot of rest, doctor’s appointments, therapy appointments, and sometimes it requires home health care.
  • Unable to drive : When a vehicle is too damaged to drive or when injuries prevent someone from driving, transportation becomes an issue for the injured person and anyone who depends on him or her for rides.
  • Accommodations and modifications : Often with spinal cord injuries and other disability cases, modifications and accommodations need to be made to the home and/or motor vehicle.
  • Pain : Personal injury and pain frequently go hand in hand.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life : Injured people sometimes are unable to do the things that they enjoy the most such as missing out on social activities, unable to attend church, missing children’s sports and activities, or unable to partake in physical activities such as hiking and bike riding.
  • Perhaps the worst case personal injury scenario is when injuries are fatal : The injured person may have suffered prior to his or her death from injuries and damages caused by the accident. Close family members suffer losses as a result of losing loved ones such as lost financial support and companionship.

Financial recovery

When injuries and damages are caused by someone else’s fault, financial recovery is available under Pennsylvania law. Recovery options may include property damage, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, medical bills, disability, and pain and suffering. In fatal personal injury cases, recovery may be available under wrongful death claims and/or survival actions. Punitive damages are sometimes available in cases where the defendant’s conduct is egregious.

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