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Pennsylvania Probation Violations

If you are reading this, you most likely know what it’s like when your freedom is on the line. If you are reading this on your laptop or smartphone while sitting on your comfy couch at home, you have probably been given a second chance to enjoy your life as much as you can instead of counting the number of bars in your prison cell.

Yes, if you are reading this, it probably means that you are on probation, which is given to nonviolent offenders who have to plead or been found guilty of their charges in Pennsylvania. “However, second chances come with certain conditions attached to them,” warns our Pittsburgh probation violation defense attorney from SMT Legal.

That second chance can be taken away from you in an instant at the slightest violation of conditions of your probation. If this happens, you risk having your probation revoked, which does not bode well… at all. Having your probation revoked means that you will have to stand in front of the judge in the courtroom and defend yourself.

This time around, however, you better be represented by an experienced probation violation defense attorney in Pittsburgh or elsewhere in Pennsylvania, because you can end up going to jail with no more chances thrown your way.

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    Probation violations in Pennsylvania: Why your probation may be revoked

    Those of you who read the conditions of your probation know what it takes to have your probation revoked. Those of you who are not familiar with the conditions imposed as part of your probation should definitely check out this list of conditions that may have been included in your probation order (conditions differ from one court order to another):

    • Failure to attend a scheduled court appearance
    • Failure to show up at a scheduled meeting with your probation officer
    • Engaging in criminal activity
    • Engaging in drug-related activity (possessing, selling, or distributing illegal drugs)
    • Failure to pay court-ordered fines
    • Traveling outside of the state of Pennsylvania without seeking permission from your probation officer
    • Failure to pass a drug test
    • Failure to pay any court-ordered restitution (compensation) to victims
    • Going anywhere near the places or individuals from which you are restricted
    • Getting arrested for any offense or crime
    • Failure to complete community service hours
    • Failure to report any changes in home address or employment
    • Possessing a firearm or weapon, and
    • Failure to attend or complete a program ordered by the court (anger management counseling, mental health treatment, domestic violence program, alcohol safe driving enhanced supervision program, Guardian Interlock Substance Abuse Program, or any other)
    What happens if you violate probation conditions?

    Some of you might wonder, “What happens if I violate the conditions of my probation?” Our Pittsburgh probation violation lawyer warns that after a violation of probation, your probation officer will file an affidavit with the court. Then, you will be scheduled to attend a hearing, in the course of which your probation could be revoked. If the court finds you guilty of violating probation, you will most likely be resentenced.

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    That is why it is so important to be represented by a skilled criminal defense lawyer in Pittsburgh or elsewhere in Pennsylvania. You would not want your existing probation period to be extended, have more jail time added to your probation, or worse, have your probation revoked and spend months or years in prison, would you?

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