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Pittsburgh Traffic Ticket / Citation Lawyer

Traffic tickets in Pennsylvania can be a major burden. They could cause you to receive points on your driver’s license and your auto insurance rates to skyrocket.

The more points you get on your license, the closer you are to having your license suspended. A driver’s license suspension can mean a total loss of freedom for most people.

It doesn’t take much for PennDOT to rack up the points on your license – a couple of traffic violations could put you in jeopardy. One “excessive” speeding ticket could cause you to lose your license.

You could also be required to take a written driver’s examination and failure to pass the required written point examination can result in license suspension.

Even if this is your first traffic citation, accumulated points on your driver’s license can put you at risk of having your license suspended, as well as cause your car insurance to increase.

Any Traffic Violation Can Be Won in Court.

Contacting an experienced and aggressive Pittsburgh Traffic Lawyer could help in avoiding points on your license or a driver’s license suspension. A Pittsburgh criminal attorney may be able to have your charges dropped or reduced.

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Pittsburgh Traffic Ticket / Citation Lawyer

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    How Many Points Does It Take To Lose My License In Pa?

    Pennsylvania driver laws are very stringent and your license could easily be suspended if you are convicted of a moving violation and acquire too many points on your license.

    Whether your license will be suspended depends on the number of points accumulated and the nature of the driving offense or violation.

    For example, if you receive six points, you will be asked to take and pass a written point examination at PennDOT in order to keep your license. Failure to take and pass the test within 30 days will result in the suspension of your license until you pass the test.

    If you have accumulated six points or more for the second time, you will have to attend a PennDOT hearing. Failure to show up for the hearing is an automatic license suspension of 60 days.

    An excessive speeding violation (31 or more MPH over the posted speed limit) will result in a mandatory hearing and failure to show up to the hearing will automatically suspend your license for 60 days. At the hearing, it will be determined for how long you will have your license suspended.

    DUI conviction in PA can result in an immediate suspension of your driver’s license for one year or more.

    To learn more about Pennsylvania’s Driver Point System, please read the PennDOT Point System Fact Sheet.

    Fighting A Traffic Citation In Pittsburgh, Pa

    In order to contest a traffic violation in Pittsburgh, you could go to traffic court yourself and sit all day waiting in court wondering what you are going to say to the judge and being stressed over the whole affair.


    You could hire an experienced traffic attorney who can go to the summary hearing on your behalf and who will know exactly what to say to the judge.

    Based on gathering the details of your situation and vast knowledge of PA driving laws and the PA legal system, a traffic attorney can fight to keep your record clean.

    At the summary hearing (traffic court) our attorneys will bring all evidence and formulate a strong case in your defense against the accusing officers.



    The potential fines and court fees you face, as well as the time off work and parking expenses to go downtown may end up being well over the cost of a traffic attorney.

    In addition, if your case is won, not only will you keep your license and avoid the costs associated (like losing your job!), but you will save money on insurance premiums and future costs of another traffic violation causing a license suspension.

    By hiring a knowledgeable traffic lawyer you will know you are fighting back with full force to potentially save your license and your freedom.

    Pittsburgh Traffic Lawyers That Can Make A Difference

    Attorney Christopher Thomas is here to answer your questions, listen to your situation, explain your rights and offer the best solution in defending your rights.

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