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Pittsburgh Driver’s License Suspension Attorney

Losing a driver’s license is losing freedom.

Without a driver’s license, you have to rely on other people, costly cabs or even public transportation to get to work, school or to run daily errands.

A suspended license can seriously alter your life and affect your employment and lifestyle.

If you are caught driving on a suspended license you risk going to jail, paying heavy fines or having your license revoked for an even longer period of time.

Being charged for Driving on a Suspended License (non-DUI related) could result in a $200 fine and one year license suspension for a first offense. A second offense is punishable by up to six months in jail.

If you are charged for Driving on a DUI-related Suspended License, you face a $500 fine and up to 90 days in jail for a first offense.

Whether you are at risk of a driver’s license suspension, have already had your license suspended or were charged with driving on a suspended license, it may be possible to fight back against the charges.

PITTSBURGH Driver’s License Suspension

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    Avoiding A Driver’s License Suspension In Pa

    Even if you haven’t had your license suspended but have accumulated points on your drivers’ license due to traffic citations or a motor vehicle accident, an experienced Pittsburgh Traffic Lawyer could help to fight to have the points removed, reduced or to have your charges dropped altogether.

    If you have been charged with a DUI in PA, you should contact an experienced Pittsburgh DUI Attorney for a free consultation to better understand your rights and how to fight to keep your license.


    If your driver’s license was suspended due to a DUI charge, a traffic violation, parking fines or even a medical disorder, call a Pittsburgh Traffic Violation Attorney to help you fight to get it back.

    Many times, people don’t realize there are ways to fight a driver’s license suspension. Lean on our traffic attorney’s vast experience to help you fight to keep your driver’s license and your freedom.

    There are many alternatives, such as obtaining a restricted PA license that can allow you to keep driving and not be completely homebound.

    Call a Pittsburgh Traffic Lawyer for a free consultation to see if you could be eligible for a restricted PA license, such as an Occupational Limited License.

    Reasons For License Suspension In Pennsylvania

    There are many reasons that you could have your license suspended in PA, including the following:

    • Being arrested on DUI charges
    • Being charged with drug possession
    • Traffic violations that resulted in accumulated points on your driver’s license. These could include:
      • Speeding citations
      • Failure to stop at stop signs / red lights
      • Passing illegally
      • Violation of a driver’s license restriction (not wearing glasses, for example)
      • Failure to obey a traffic cop
      • Failure to yield
      • Failure to stop for a school bus with red flashing lights (60 day suspension)
      • Speeding in an active “work zone”
      • Careless driving
      • Leaving the scene of an accident with property damage
    • Underage drinking

    See the PennDOT Point System Fact Sheet for a more comprehensive explanation of points.

    • A traffic accident
    • Excessive or Exorbitant Speeding
    • Reckless driving charges
    • Insurance law violations
    • Owing three months or more of child support
    • Failure to comply with child visitation or partial custody orders
    • Failure to comply with subpoenas or warrants relating to child support proceedings.

    Fighting To Get Your License Back

    A trusted lawyer can help in finding a workable solution to a complex problem.

    By hiring a knowledgeable traffic lawyer you will know you are fighting back with full force to potentially save your license and your freedom.

    Even if you are found guilty, an experienced Pittsburgh Traffic Lawyer is going to make attempts at negotiating with the prosecution to get your fines and penalties reduced and avoid a license suspension.

    A Pittsburgh Traffic Lawyer That Can Make A Difference

    Attorney Christopher Thomas is here to answer your questions, listen to your situation, explain your rights and offer the best steps to defending your rights.

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