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Injuries From Scaffolding Falls and Ladders – Pennsylvania

The slightest wrong move on a dangerous worksite can cause a serious tragedy. Construction workers, roofers, painters and other laborers face these types of dangers daily. Oftentimes workplace injuries from falls are not the fault of the worker, but are due to unsafe working conditions or negligent employers or co-workers.

Regardless of who was at fault, accidents happen and that is why employers carry workers’ compensation insurance.

When a slip or fall occurs on the job, you may be entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim through your employer’s insurance company.

However, under workers’ compensation, you may be told that you can only see certain doctors or that some of the costs of medical bills, lost wages or future lost wages may not be rewarded to you.

The insurance company or HR department may not inform you of all your legal rights in order for you to receive the maximum benefits available.

An aggressive Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Lawyer working on your behalf can make all the difference in your life and your bank account. Our construction and workplace injury attorneys do not collect a fee unless we win compensation for you.


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Pittsburgh Work Site Falls

Understanding Your Rights

We can help you understand your workers’ compensation rights under Pennsylvania law. We can also help you file a third party claim or personal injury claim if another party was at fault for your accident. If you become disabled because of your injury and are unable to perform your job duties for an extended period of time, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits.

If you or your loved one has been injured in a construction site or job site slip or fall, or if your loved one has died from a tragic fall, contact our lawyers for a free case evaluation.

We can help answer your questions and help you determine the next best steps in order to recover the maximum benefits and lost wages you deserve.

Types of Falls Often Resulting in Serious Injury

Our injury attorneys are experienced at helping people collect damages and lost wages from any of the following types of workplace fall injuries:

  • Scaffolding and Ladder Falls
  • Rooftop or Building Falls
  • Falls from Skylights
  • Falls from Boom Lifts
  • Girder Falls
  • Crane Falls
  • Falls from Bridges
  • Falls from Elevator Shafts
  • Falling Debris / Falling Objects
  • Falls from Unstable Surfaces
  • Falls from Man Lifts
  • Falls from Fences / Poles
  • Wrongful Death Accidents from Falls
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    Types of Injuries from Worksite and Construction Site Falls

    We are aggressive with insurance companies and compassionate with our clients. We deal with people every day who are in significant pain and while we cannot remove your physical injuries, we are here to help alleviate your stress and help you find some peace of mind.

    Being in pain and losing mobility is stressful enough without worries of paying medical bills and recovering lost wages in order to pay all the other bills.

    We help clients with all types of workplace injuries, but the following are examples of common injuries stemming from a construction site fall accidents:

    Tell Us Your Story

    Our aggressive and compassionate attorneys are here to guide you through a difficult time. Everyone has unique situations and we take the time to really listen to your story and fully understand your situation so that we are better equipped to fight for the compensation you deserve.

    We will conduct a thorough investigation into your injury to determine who was a fault. We know when to negotiate, when to go to court and how to get you money for your injuries. There is no fee in simply talking to us and letting us hear your story.


    Our expert work injury attorneys in Pittsburgh, PA understand how frustrating it is to try to put your life back together while dealing with serious physical injuries and the cost of recovery.

    We will do everything possible to get you the money you deserve for your injuries and lost wages. We have a team of lawyers, investigators, and field experts who work together to build a strong case for our clients.

    Our goal is to help you get the best possible outcome and maximum compensation so that we can make a positive difference in your life.

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