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Pittsburgh Public Property Accident Attorney

When you are visiting a public property or government building, you expect the premises to be safe and free of any hazardous conditions. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, as you can get hurt in a variety of situations, including but not limited to slipping and falling on slippery floor in the restroom or icy storefront sidewalk near a government building, tripping on gravel left behind near a city-maintained construction worksite, or even getting into a motor vehicle accident when riding a city-owned bus.

Yes, any of these events can result in serious injury, which begs the question, “Can you sue the government or city for your injury on public property?”

PITTSBURGH Public Property Accident

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Pittsburgh Public Property Accident

Can you sue a government entity for public property accidents?

“Yes, you can,” answers our Pittsburgh public property accident attorney from SMT Legal. “However, there are quite a few things to consider before filing a premises liability lawsuit against a city, municipality, county or other public entity.”

Unfortunately, it often happens that those responsible for keeping public properties and government buildings safe are negligent or careless, which results in the existence of dangerous conditions on the premises. Suing a government entity is not the same as suing a private entity, because you need to understand the special restrictions that apply to premises liability lawsuits against cities, municipalities, counties, and other government entities.

That’s why seeking legal help from an experienced public property accident attorney Pittsburgh or elsewhere in Pennsylvania is often the best idea before taking legal action and seeking compensation.

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    What is considered ‘public property’ in Pennsylvania?

    Any property that is owned, controlled and maintained by the city, municipality, county, or any other public entity is classified as “public property.” These include but are not limited to:

    • City-owned and city-maintained sidewalks, streets, highways, and roads;
    • Government buildings (libraries, public schools, city and town halls, courthouses, etc.);
    • Public parks, parking lots, playgrounds and sports grounds (fields); and
    • City-owned and city-maintained buses, vans, and other vehicles that are owned or maintained by a government entity.

    Suing a public entity in Pennsylvania

    As you can see, the risk of you or your loved one getting injured in a public space exists practically every day. If you have been injured in any of the above-mentioned public properties, you may be able to sue the government in Pittsburgh or elsewhere in Pennsylvania for its failure to keep the premises free of dangerous conditions and recover damages.

    Fact: You can sue the city or another public entity if you were injured by a public or city employee.

    In order to file a premises liability claim against the government or any public entity, you will have to make sure that your claim meets many special rules and time limits that exist for legal actions against public entities in Pennsylvania.

    For example, you have only 30 to 180 days to sue a government or public entity in Pennsylvania, depending upon the municipality’s rules. Our Pittsburgh public property injury lawyer warns that obtaining an extension to this deadline is very difficult, which is why you have no time to waste on Googling what’s the right legal strategy to sue a public entity in Pennsylvania.

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