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Pittsburgh Hotel Accident Attorney

Nothing compares to the feeling when you are at the airport, passport in hand, a big smile across your face, anticipating a long-awaited and hard-earned vacation. But many bad things can ruin this great feeling when you step into the hotel. Unfortunately, getting injured at a hotel is nothing out of the extraordinary, and an increasing number of Americans seek legal help from premises liability lawyers to help them recover damages.

When we pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to book a hotel room, we expect the hotel to care about our safety and ensure a safe environment for us and our family. Unfortunately, many hotels, motels, and resorts in Pittsburgh and elsewhere in Pennsylvania fail to provide a safe environment for their guests.

Regardless of where your hotel accident occurred – in your room or bathroom, or a common area such as the lobby, swimming pool, parking lot, elevator, escalator or any other area on the hotel’s property – you may be entitled to seek compensation for your injury. “But doing so will not be easy,” warns our Pittsburgh hotel accident attorney at SMT Legal, “Because hotels are usually represented by the best defense lawyers in the country, which often makes them immune from certain types of claims, including premises liability.”

PITTSBURGH Hotel Accident Attorney

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Pittsburgh Hotel Accident

Suing a hotel for your injury is anything but ‘easy’

The vast majority of all premises liability claims filed against hotels are caused by the hotel’s failure to properly maintain its grounds and ensure a safe and sanitary environment for its guests. When a hotel fails to take all reasonable safety precautions to ensure the safety of its guests, that hotel is breaching its duty of care. Therefore, the hotel can be sued for any resulting damages and losses as a result of that breach of duty.

In theory, it all sounds easy and straightforward, but when you get injured in a hotel accident, this “easy” and “straightforward” theory gets complicated and can turn into a big pile of mess.

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    The hotel’s insurance company can be your worst enemy

    Our experienced hotel accident attorney in Pittsburgh warns that you may encounter a series of legal obstacles to suing a hotel for causing your injury. More often than not, the hotel’s insurance company will get in the way to:

    • Delay investigation to wait until you check out
    • Delay payment on your legitimate personal injury claim
    • Argue that you acted negligently, too, in an attempt to minimize the value of your claim
    • Destroy or tamper with evidence that proves the hotel’s negligence
    • Argue that you assumed the risk of bodily injury when participating in the activity that resulted in your injury and
    • Argue that the hazardous condition that caused the hotel accident was obvious and you were reasonably expected to notice it

    Yes, as you may have guessed by now, the hotel’s insurer can be your worst enemy when suing the hotel, as there is a bunch of deceitful and unfair tactics that insurance companies use to deny or limit legitimate personal injury claims.

    How to prove the hotel’s liability?

    Hotel accidents range from slip and fall accidents, food poisoning, elevator and escalator accidents to incidents caused by inadequate security measures on the premises, poorly maintained or supervised swimming pools, parking lot accidents, and insect and bed bug infestation.

    A hotel that exercises its duty of care will take all reasonable safety precautions to eliminate dangerous conditions on its property and prevent foreseeable hotel accidents. Generally, to get your premises liability claim against the hotel approved, your Pittsburgh hotel accident lawyer will have to prove that (a) the hotel knew or should have known through the exercise of due diligence about the hazardous condition, and (b) the hotel failed to address the dangerous condition in a timely manner.

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