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The aftermath of a boating accident, barge accident or Jet Ski collision can be devastating. People often get injured when boats or personal watercraft collide or flip over and some people even drown or are fatally injured.

If you or your loved one has been seriously injured or killed in any type of maritime accident – cruise ship, barge, riverboat, shop, townboat, fishing boats, speedboats or other pleasure boats as well as a Jet Ski or other personal watercraft – you probably have many questions about who will bear responsibility for the accident and pay for damages.

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Boat & Maritime Accidents

Common Causes Of Boat Accident Injuries

If you feel that the accident was caused by someone not following boating rules or regulations while on a body of water in Pennsylvania or that someone was negligent, reckless or intoxicated by alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident, you have a right to seek damages for medical costs, lost wages and other damages.

If you have suffered an on-the-job boating accident, whether as a deckhand or a barge operator, you may be eligible to recover damages through your employer or their workers compensation insurance, as the accident was a work-site injury. Unsafe conditions, faulty equipment or negligent workers/employers may be to blame and they should be held responsible for your injuries.

If you were injured as a passenger on a boat or a cruise due to a slip-and-fall, you may also be eligible to recover damages.

Don’t let someone else’s folly be your responsibility.

The attorneys at SMT Legal are experienced and aggressive boating accident lawyers who can help answer your questions and help you determine if you should bring legal action against those who may be responsible.

We can help answer your questions if you were injured in a boating accident involving:

  • A boat collision
  • A Jet Ski or other personal watercraft collision
  • Cruise ship mishap
  • On-the-job barge accident
  • A swimmer injured by a boat or watercraft

We are here to answer your questions and we offer free case evaluations. We do not charge a fee unless we win your case.

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    Breaking Boating Regulations In Pennsylvania

    In Pennsylvania, every body of water has its own rules and regulations for what is allowed and what is not when operating a boat or other watercraft. Whether a person operating a boat or personal watercraft are on the Allegheny River, Monongahela River, Ohio River, Youghiogheny River, Lake Erie, Crooked Creek Lake, Beaver River, Raccoon Lake, Glade Run Lake, Conemaugh River Lake, Shenango River Lake or Keystone Lake, there are certain rules an operator or owner of a watercraft must follow.

    If someone has broken the rules and caused you or your loved one to be hurt or killed in a maritime accident, you may be entitled to compensation for the physical injuries or emotional distress suffered.

    Under Title 30, Chapter 55 of the PA General Assembly it states, “Every owner of a watercraft causing or knowingly permitting any person to operate the watercraft in, upon or through the waters of this Commonwealth, and any person who leases or furnishes a watercraft to any other person, shall be jointly and severally liable with the other person for damages arising out of any act or occurrence in the operation of the watercraft.”

    Don’t Pay For Someone Else’s Mistake

    Rules and regulations exist to protect people and keep them safe. Someone who is not following the rules or who was negligent is in violation and you should not have to pay for your injuries because someone else broke the rules.

    But even if someone else admits fault and is clearly to blame it may be up to the insurance companies to compensate you for your injuries. Because insurance companies want to keep as much of their money as possible and will fight back with their own lawyers and legal garble, it only makes sense to have a good attorney on your side.

    Our boating accident lawyers will fight the insurance companies aggressively in order to get you the best possible result. We know when to negotiate, when to go to court and how to get you money for your injuries. We will try to get the maximum compensation you deserve.

    After a serious boating accident, we will help you recover compensation for:

    • Medical Expenses
    • Lost Wages or Lost Future Wages
    • Disability or Long-term Care
    • Pain and Suffering
    • Emotional Distress

    Tell Us Your Story

    We are compassionate attorneys here to guide you through a difficult time. Everyone has unique situations and we take the time to really listen to your story and fully understand the situation so that we are better equipped to fight aggressively for the compensation you deserve.

    There is no fee in simply talking to us and letting us hear your story.


    Our experienced personal injury attorneys understand how frustrating it is to try to put your life back together while dealing with serious physical injuries and the cost of recovery. That is why we do everything possible to get you the money you deserve and recover what you are owed for your injuries.

    We will conduct an extensive investigation into your accident, collecting evidence and talking to witnesses and law enforcement officers as needed to present a strong and winnable case. We have a team of lawyers, investigators, and field experts who work together to build a strong case for our clients.

    We are aggressive and compassionate boating accident attorneys in Pittsburgh, PA who understand your rights and how to fight for the money you deserve. Our thorough knowledge of the legal system enables us to give more time and care to people who have been injured and need help. Our attorneys are not just here to collect a paycheck – we are here to make a difference.

    In addition to injuries from boating accidents, we also help people involved in:

    Tell Us Your Stories and Ask Us Your Questions

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