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Pittsburgh Pet Attack Attorney

When you go to someone else’s house, the last thing you think about is getting injured by a pet. You also do not expect to get attacked by a pet while you are out walking around. However, we know that pets attack people all the time – their owners and other people. At SMT Legal, the pet attack attorneys in Pittsburgh are ready to help if you or a loved one are injured. We will get to the bottom of what happened so we can secure the compensation you deserve.

What we know about pet attacks

Dog bites are the most common form of pet attacks. There are nearly 90 million dogs in households across the country. While most dogs are perfectly peaceful, Canine Journal tells us that there are around 4.7 million dog bites in the US each year. We realize that not every dog bite results in a serious injury, but nearly 800,000 of those bites requires medical attention according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Dogs are not the only pets that can cause injuries to a person. Other types of pets that attack people include:

  • Cats
  • Birds
  • Snakes
  • Lizards
  • Exotic pets (big cats, alligators, crocodiles, etc.)

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Pittsburgh Pet Attack

Who is most likely to get bitten?

We know that children and older citizens are most at-risk of pet attacks. They simply do not have the ability to defend themselves or get away from an incident. However, anyone could be a potential victim of a pet attack.

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    What kind of injuries are common in pet attacks?

    Dogs and other pets have very powerful jaws. When a pet is aggressive or if they are scared and feel they need to defend themselves, serious injuries can result. It is not uncommon for our Pittsburgh pet attack lawyers to see the following injuries:

    • Puncture wounds
    • Severe lacerations
    • Artery or vein damage
    • Amputations (usually of fingers)
    • Damage to tendons, ligaments, and muscles

    These injuries can result in significant consequences for victims. In many cases, victims suffer from permanent disfigurement.

    • Around 27,000 people underwent reconstructive surgery to repair dog bites in 2018.
    • The average cost of a hospital stay after a serious dog bite is $18,200.

    Can I get compensation for a pet attack?

    If you or a loved one are injured after being attacked by someone else’s pet, you should seek legal assistance as soon as possible. At SMT Legal, our knowledgeable and experienced team is ready to get to work on your behalf. We will investigate every aspect of your incident in order to secure the compensation you deserve:

    • Coverage of medical expenses caused by the attack
    • Recovery of lost wages if you are unable to work
    • Coverage of physical therapy
    • Pain and suffering damages
    • Loss of enjoyment of life damages
    • Possible punitive damages against the pet’s owners

    If you need a pet attack attorney in Pittsburgh, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling 1-888-976-2529.

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