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Information on Getting Compensation for Birth Injuries

The birth of a child should be a great celebration for any family. But if a birth injury occurs, the situation can be overwhelming and traumatic, especially if the injury was due to a negligent physician or medical staff.

When injuries during birth (or birth trauma) were caused by negligence or inexperience, someone should be held responsible.

While accidents do happen, a preventable injury by a negligent doctor should not be overlooked or go without investigation. A legal investigation may not only prevent a similar future accident from harming another baby, but if proof can be established, it could also result in compensation to the parents for the medical costs of the injury or long-term costs the injury may have caused. Physicians carry medical malpractice insurance exactly for these reasons.

As parents of a child who has to suffer the consequences of a birth injury, you may be able to collect compensation if you believe that the doctor or medical staff was negligent.

The experienced team of medical malpractice lawyers at SMT Legal can answer your questions and investigate the circumstances of the birth injury to determine whether you have a case.

Many types of birthing injuries can occur, but if you believe it was due to a negligent doctor or hospital, you can call our attorneys for a free case evaluation.

We will examine your child’s situation closely and speak with medical experts, looking for evidence of negligence. We will look closely at your medical records and gather proof for a strong case.

All case evaluations are free we do not collect any fees unless we win your case.

Victims of birthing injuries could face a tremendous amount of suffering and difficulties throughout their lives. Families should not have to stress over how to pay medical bills and long-term care if a physician or hospital was at fault.

Our Pittsburgh personal injury attorneys are compassionate people who want to help answer your questions. We are also aggressive in finding solutions for you to collect the maximum compensation you are entitled to.


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    Information On Birth Trauma And Common Types Of Birth Injuries

    Birth injuries are impairments of the child’s body function or structure that occurred during the birthing process. Birth injuries are also known as “birth trauma”. Many newborn babies have minor injuries during birth, but occasionally these injuries can be more severe with damaged nerves or broken bones or worse.

    Sometimes birth injuries are temporary, but other times they can be long-term and cause serious symptoms and require life-long care. When a doctor or obstetrician fails to evaluate and respond properly to circumstances during labor, they are at fault for the birth injury.

    The birth injury lawyers at SMT Legal, are experienced attorneys who can help investigate the cause and seek compensation for any of the following types of birth injuries:

    • Cerebral Palsy
    • Shoulder Dystocia (Brachial Plexus Injuries – Erb’s Palsy, Klumpke’s Palsy, Brachial Palsy)
    • Clavicle Fractures
    • Vacuum Extraction Injuries
    • Brain Injuries / Head Trauma
    • Fractures / Skull Fractures
    • Epidural Birth Injuries
    • Caput Succedaneum
    • Forceps Injuries
    • Horner’s Syndrome
    • Brain Ischemia
    • Spina Bifida
    • Seizures
    • Nerve Damage
    • Kernicterus (Due to untreated jaundice)
    • Hypoxia / Anoxia
    • Infant Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy
    • Birth Asphyxia
    • Perinatal Asphyxia
    • Cephalohematoma
    • Intellectual Disabilities / Developmental Delay
    • Facial Paralysis
    • Broken Bones
    • Infant Trauma
    • Neonatal Stroke
    • Paralysis / Spinal Cord Injuries
    • Infant Fatality or Wrongful Death

    If your child suffered a birth injury and you believe that it was caused by negligence or an inexperienced physician or medical staff, do not hesitate to call our lawyers for a free case evaluation.

    We are compassionate attorneys who will work aggressively to win just compensation for you and help prevent similar negligent behavior on the part of the doctors and hospital involved.

    Medical Negligence During Birth Injuries

    If a birth injury has occurred, it could be because a physician or medical staff was negligent. Maybe they did not notice the early warning signs that something was wrong, or waited too long to do anything. Maybe they were understaffed, inexperienced or sleep-deprived or were simply not paying 100% attention to your delivery.

    Whatever the scenario, if they made a mistake that could have been avoided or that the medical institution could have avoided, your child should not have to pay the cost.

    Oftentimes birth injuries occur due to the following:

    • Miscommunication between medical staff
    • Improper use or unnecessary use of forceps or vacuum extraction tool
    • Improper handling, pulling or twisting a baby during delivery
    • Failing to use proper delivery techniques or provide a standard level of care
    • Delaying a C-section when a complication has begun
    • Delayed Diagnosis
    • Prescription drug errors
    • Oxygen deprivation
    • Failing to properly treat a fever or diagnose a birthing complication
    • Improper monitoring
    • Delaying treatment of jaundice
    • Surgical errors
    • Emergency room errors
    • Anesthesia errors


    Because birthing complications can arise and not all mistakes are negligent, proving negligence during birth injuries can be complex and difficult. However, it is certainly not impossible, especially with a team of dedicated and experienced attorneys on your side.

    To build a strong legal case for obstetrical malpractice, an attorney will need to be well versed in medical terminology and the practice of obstetrics. They need to understand the procedures involved and have the dedication to digging deep into the case to find evidence of negligence.

    The team of serious injury attorneys at SMT Legal has an extensive network of doctors and medical experts we consult with to gather evidence of negligence. We have the financial resources necessary to complete a thorough investigation. In order to build a strong case, we will closely examine your medical records and interview the doctors and medical staff involved in the delivery. Anyone who was involved in the delivery will be vetted as potential witnesses to the injury.

    We will gather all medical records – ultrasounds, medical scans, blood tests – in order to establish facts and build evidence. We will then consult with medical experts to prove that a standard of care was lacking and negligence took place.

    We will attempt to reach a just settlement with the insurance companies, but are also prepared to go to trial and fight for the maximum compensation you feel is owed to your child.

    Your child may have to suffer through additional surgeries or go through months, even years of treatment. They may need years of physical therapy and special education. Our attorneys are compassionate people who will fight for the rights of your child to help improve their life. We are not here to collect a paycheck; we are here to make a difference.

    A Child Injured At Birth Deserves Just Compensation

    It can be very painful to see a child begin life with added challenges and cognitive impairments. When presenting a case before a jury, they are often very sympathetic to the child and their family.

    If your child has been seriously injured after negligence during prenatal care or labor and delivery, you could be awarded large sums of money to cover the cost of future long-term medical care.

    Our birth injury attorneys can provide advice about the options available for getting the maximum compensation for your child’s injuries.

    Call our Pittsburgh birth injury attorneys today for a free case evaluation.


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    We are compassionate attorneys who will fight for the maximum compensation you deserve.

    Birth injuries often require long-term care, making medical care very expensive. We understand your rights and how to fight for the money you deserve.

    Our team of trial lawyers, investigators, and field experts will work together to build a strong and winnable case for you and your family.

    Our Pittsburgh Birth Injury Attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning that you will not pay us anything unless we win your case. There is no fee in simply talking to us and letting us hear your story.

    We are not just here to collect a paycheck – we are here to make a difference.

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