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Mercer County Truck Accident Attorney

In 2017 there were 88 heavy truck accidents in Mercer County that resulted in 3 fatalities and many serious injuries. Large trucks are unable to stop quickly, especially when traveling at high speeds, and when they are unable to stop in an emergency situation, their crushing force often causes catastrophic injuries. People who are walking, bicycling, or driving near large trucks are the people most at risk for injuries in truck accidents because serious injuries and fatalities are sustained more often by people outside of the truck than by truck occupants.

Our experienced truck accident lawyers know, truck accidents are unique and they cannot be treated and investigated like a typical car accident between two passenger vehicles. It is important that injured parties not speak with insurance companies who contact them without first consulting with a truck accident attorney. Often people who settle with insurance companies in truck accident cases learn that they have settled for too little, especially when medical bills are significant and ongoing.

Why you need a truck accident attorney

Truck accident attorneys will review the accident circumstances as well as your injuries and damages to help place value your claim. Often severe injuries are not fully apparent until some time has passed which means that accepting a quick settlement may leave you paying your own medical bills. It is important to work with an experienced attorney when you have been injured in a truck accident for several reasons including:

  • Injuries are often much more severe in truck accidents than regular motor vehicle accidents and truck accident attorneys have the experience and connections with medical experts that are often necessary to value your claim and testify on your behalf.
  • Commercial trucks generally involve employer truck companies with a lot of resources that can make receiving a fair recovery difficult if you do not have an experienced advocate standing up to them.
  • Trucks often have electronic data recorders and other technology that needs to be investigated and we know how to find it and obtain it for review.
  • It is important to look at rules and regulation compliance such as maintenance and hours of service records because proving liability and negligence is easier when you can show violations and noncompliance with required regulations.

A number of different parties may be liable including the driver, truck owner, employer, and those responsible for maintenance, loading freight, and truck defects. Truck accident experts know where to investigate, who to talk to, and how to negotiate with insurance companies for all potentially liable parties.

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    Our experienced truck accident attorneys have secured multimillion-dollar settlements in personal injury cases and we want to see that you receive the settlement or award that you deserve. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries in a truck accident caused by someone else’s negligence, contact a Mercer County truck accident attorney with SMT Legal to discuss your injuries, damages, and potential recovery.

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