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Mercer County Premises Liability Attorney

Premises liability cases arise when a person is injured on someone else’s property due to a dangerous condition that the owner knew about or should have known about, yet failed to warn the guest or remediate the dangerous condition. Premises liability cases frequently happen in places of business, neighbor’s houses, or on public property. When it comes to premises liability cases, insurance companies are almost always involved.

Insurance companies

To some people it is a relief to hear that insurance companies handle these claims because they would rather take a check from an insurance company than from a neighbor or family member who would have to pay for the claim out of his or her own pocket. For others who have experience in settling claims with insurance companies in the past, the thought of fighting with insurance companies to secure a fair settlement can be overwhelming and stressful. Our skilled premises liability lawyers recommend consulting a premises liability attorney before communicating directly with insurance companies.

Common premises liability cases

See below for some of the most common types of premises liability cases.

Slip or trip and falls

  • Slipping or tripping over hard to see cords across the floor
  • Poorly lit walkways or stairwells
  • Poorly maintained walkways including spills that are not cleaned up or dangerous floorings such as cracked sidewalks and broken tiles
  • Debris and other unexpected obstructions in walkways

Falling items

  • Falling merchandise from shelves at warehouse stores or grocery stores
  • Unsafe displays falling over
  • Sets of shelves falling over due to heavy items stacked at the top
  • Falling items from building windows or construction sites onto public sidewalks

Swimming pool accidents

  • Drownings or injuries from oxygen deprivation in near drownings
  • Injuries to child trespassers when the pool is not locked or otherwise secured
  • Spinal cord or brain injuries from dive or fall incidents
  • Slippery surfaces around the pool when wet
  • Injuries from loose or poorly fitted drain cover

Dog bites or attacks

  • Unleashed dogs outside of the owner’s property such as public parks or the victim’s property
  • Dogs with dangerous propensities not properly confined or muzzled
  • Dogs who bite guests on their owner’s property

Negligent security

  • Safety precautions not taken on public property where assaults or rapes have occurred.
  • Unlit or poorly lit stairwells and parking lots
  • Negligent security, lighting, or cameras at ATM machines
  • Lack of security inside or outside of banks or payday loan companies


  • Fire injuries caused by negligent hazards on someone else’s property such as unattended candles in a home with a cat, unattended fireplace fire, or out of control backyard fire pits.
  • Lack of fire safety measures such as no fire extinguisher in a restaurant kitchen or lack of smoke detectors required in homes by law.
  • Construction fires in office buildings or homes.
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    If you have suffered injuries due to a dangerous condition on someone else’s property, contact a Mercer County premises liability attorney at SMT Legal to discuss your claim. Our attorneys are experienced negotiators and trial attorneys who operate with the goal of seeing that our clients receive maximum compensation for the injuries they have suffered due to someone else’s negligence.

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