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When To Seek A Pedestrian Attorney

Date: Feb 9th, 2019 By Jonathan M. Stewart
Category: Pedestrian Accident

Pittsburgh is an awesome city known for its rich history. From kayaking to walking, there are so many things you can do to entertain yourself in the city. Even though we are such an attractive city, we have a huge problem with pedestrian accidents in intersections. In fact, Pittsburgh has 10 known intersections that are known for being incredibly dangerous. In the last five years, nine people have been hit at the Oakland intersection. Some may not think that is a lot, but the truth is that it is a lot and no one should be getting hit during intersections. In fact, within that same time frame, almost 2,000 people have been hit in those 10 main intersections. Of those 2,000 hits, 178 resulted in major injuries and 70 resulted in deaths.

It may seem hard to conceive, but if you think about how many accidents happen on a regular highway, why should it be any different on local roads? Many are saying that accidents usually result from drivers being negligent. This means that drivers are not looking out for pedestrians in these areas, they are distracted while driving or impaired and driving. If you or a loved one has been hit by a car and injured then you need to reach out to our pedestrian accident lawyers at SMT Legal in Pittsburgh. We can help you gather witnesses and testimony of what really happened which in turn will ensure that you are getting the compensation you deserve for the injuries you are suffering.

Reasons for Error

The answer to that question in the title of this blog is simple, if you have been injured while walking then you should seek representation. The reason for this is that sometimes the police report is not always written correctly. Sometimes the driver has strong defense representation and is trying to prove that you, the walker, were in the wrong when you know that you were not. When it comes to fighting for justice and financial compensation people can get ugly. With our Pittsburgh Pedestrian Accident Attorney by your side, together we can fight to make sure that you being treated fairly and that your voice is being heard.

Crossing an intersection is a two party system. As a pedestrian, you should make sure that you are following all the signs provided. You should make sure that you are walking within the lines and not waiting off the curb. You should also be making eye contact with the drivers. Drivers, however, have just as much responsibility as you. Drivers should also be actively looking for pedestrians, using their turn signal, and paying attention to the proper road signs.

What To Do

Pedestrian accidents are scarier than just regular car accidents because of the likelihood of a major injury increases. If you or a loved one has been injured then you are increasing your likelihood for success by reaching out to our professional Pedestrian Accident Attorneys at SMT Legal in Pittsburgh. Call 412-765-3345 or click here for more information.

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