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When the Fall wasn’t Your Fault

Date: Dec 8th, 2018 By Jonathan M. Stewart
Category: Slip and Fall Accident

As we age we are more prone to falling. Our bodies give way more easily or our agility isn’t as strong. So, as we age we tend to fall and for no particular reason. When these falls happen it takes time to bounce back from them. Imagine being completely healthy and then falling for no reason? What if you were walking out the front door of your rental place and slip and fall from icy steps? What if you were exiting a restaurant waiting for the valet to come around and you slip and fall from the trash that hadn’t been picked up? These are slips and falls of a different kind. These kinds of falls are from the neglect of a person or party responsible for maintaining the property.

There are situations due to neglect in which falls are not your fault. Many people who suffer from injuries due to slipping and falling do not know that they have the right to file a claim. Our slip and fall attorneys at SMT Legal in Pittsburgh take these claims very seriously. Slipping and falling can turn a seemingly uneventful night into a tragedy. Injuries that occur from slip and fall accidents mostly occur with the most vital parts of your body: head, back, and face. Not to mention, you can cause injury to hands or arms. As you fall back or forward, it is natural for your arms to attempt to catch you. But what if you have groceries in your hand? What if you are holding a child? These scenarios can result in tragic endings such as acute back pain, paralysis, broken bones, head injuries, or dislocated joints.

File a Premises Liability Claim

There are certain responsibilities property owners of any kind must adhere to in order to ensure safety on their property. Some of these may include salting walking paths during the winter, clearing walkways of obstacles, and taking precautions to ensure that walkability isn’t inhibited. There are other expectations to ensure the safety of the property to benefit the people who are using it. When a property is neglectful, it places the residences or users in clear danger.

Premises liability can be applied to private property owners like restaurants, grocery stores, businesses, and other such venues. It can be applied to residential areas too. If you have experienced a slip and fall in your workplace then our Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers can see if worker’s compensation can help you. At the end of the day, our Slip and Fall Injury Attorneys know that you were not intending to fall and the reason you fell was due to neglect or oversight of someone else. You have the right to claim compensation for the medical bills you will inevitably accrue to get you back to health. Our Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers are waiting to hear from you. We have a strict standard of free consultation because we want you to know that we are here to take care of you. Call us at 412-765-3345 or click here to start a conversation today.

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