What is the Impact of a Boating Accident in Pittsburgh?

What is the Impact of a Boating Accident in Pittsburgh?

Date: Jun 25th, 2020 By Jonathan M. Stewart
Category: Boating Accident

With the arrival of summer and hot weather, you may consider spending time on a boat with your friends and family to have some fun on the water. People can still be safe while enjoying their time being on the water, despite this years’ experience with recent issues with the COVID-19 pandemic. However, devastating injuries can occur to those onboard any boat involved in a boating accident. As a result of this risk, our Pittsburgh boat accident attorneys at SMT Legal would like to discuss the impact of these accidents on victims and vital tips on how to avoid boating accidents.

What are important tips to avoid boating accidents?

While on the water, boaters can experience severe injuries in the event they are involved in a boating accident. In order to avoid this, there are several safety tips that can help any boater avoid an accident occurring. While this is not an all-inclusive list, please be mindful of the following:

  • Do not boat while being under the influence
  • Bring the correct safety equipment and follow proper safety regulations
  • Have a significant understanding or prior experience with the handling of boats
  • Prepare to boat ahead of time (inspection and maintenance)
  • Be aware of current weather conditions and weather changes while on the water
  • Use caution around other people and vessels on the water

Boating accidents can cause devastating injuries

According to Recreational Boating Statistics from the Coast Guard, boating accidents have had a large impact on citizens throughout the nation. From the latest report of annual data involving these incidents, there were:

  • 4,145 boating accidents
  • 2,511 injuries resulting from accidents
  • 633 fatalities involving boating incidents

These incidents can leave surviving victims with severe injuries. It is not unusual for our Pittsburgh boating accident attorneys to assist clients and the loved ones of victims that have experienced injuries such as:

Many of these injuries can lead to significant medical care and expenses for victims. Boat accident victims are also likely to experience other “hidden expenses” of an accident, including lost income, rehabilitation, out-of-pocket household expenses, and more. Victims are also likely to experience immense physical and emotional pain and suffering from being unable to perform the same activities or work that they could before the accident.

Let us secure the compensation you deserve

If the negligent or careless actions of another person have caused you or somebody your care about to sustain an injury in a boating accident, contact an attorney as soon as possible. At SMT Legal, our team will work to thoroughly investigate every aspect of your case in order to secure the maximum compensation you are entitled to. This can include the following:

  • Medical expenses as a result of the boating incident
  • Mental anguish damages
  • Loss of enjoyment of life damages
  • Compensation for lost wages and benefits from an inability to work
  • Possible punitive damages against a negligent boat owner or operator

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