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UPS Driver Charged With DUI After Crash

Date: Jan 11th, 2019 By Jonathan M. Stewart
Category: Truck Accident

When you think about all of the dangers you face on a daily basis on the roadways, you may not consider that you could be harmed by the people who are driving trucks. After all, they are supposed to be well-trained at their jobs.

Unfortunately for some people in O’Hara recently, that was not the case for one UPS driver. Police have charged a 27-year-old man with driving under the influence, possessing drugs, and having an open container. The UPS driver struck three vehicles as he was traveling on Route 28. Passengers in those vehicles were injured and taken to the hospital with injuries.

At SMT Legal, we know that getting struck by a commercial vehicle or truck can be confusing, especially when the driver’s negligence caused the crash. We want to help you when you need a Pittsburgh truck accident lawyer.

What Can Happen?

Stop for a minute and consider how many trucks you see in and around the city each day. Not only do we see plenty of delivery trucks like the one in the story above, but we also see:

  • Eighteen wheelers
  • Construction trucks
  • Cement trucks
  • Garbage trucks

Do we know that each one of them is safe? When large trucks like these are involved in an accident, they can cause major damage and severe injuries. They often weigh tens of thousands of pounds and sometimes carry hazardous materials. They can affect dozens of vehicles at once.

When it comes to truck accidents, we can usually point to two things as the cause: problems with the vehicle itself and driver negligence.

Vehicle Failure Issues

It is important for the owner of a truck, whether that is a company or an individual, to regularly inspect and maintain the vehicle. When any part of these vehicles fails, it can potentially lead to the driver losing control at a high rate of speed. We commonly see issues with the following:

  • Powertrain
  • Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Lighting
  • Connections
  • Tires/wheels

Driver Negligence

It is just as important for companies to have responsible people driving their trucks. This means having drivers who:

  • Obey all laws and regulations regarding how many hours they can drive each day.
  • Never carry more weight than allowed by law.
  • Will not drive while distracted by their phones or other devices.
  • Never operate while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

What You Can Do Now

If you or a loved one have been injured due to the negligence of a truck driver or company, you can count on SMT Legal to be by your side. We know that these accidents are scary and that you need to focus on healing. That is why we will take the reigns and work tirelessly to secure the compensation you need for all of your accident-related expenses. When you need a Pittsburgh truck accident attorney, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling 412-765-3345.

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