Understanding the Impact of a Pittsburgh Car Accident

Understanding the Impact of a Pittsburgh Car Accident

Date: Jun 10th, 2020 By Jonathan M. Stewart
Category: Auto Accident

Car accidents often happen, despite the caution exercised by most drivers in order to prevent them from occurring. There is always going to be a negligent driver on the roadway, no matter how safely you personally operate your vehicle. As a result, both drivers or their loved ones involved in a car accident can sustain various severe injuries. Despite the fact that there has been less traffic on the roadways due to COVID-19, there have still been serious car accidents. At SMT Legal, our Pittsburgh car accident attorneys want to discuss a recent accident that took place. We also want to caution all drivers to be more cautious as the economy reopens and summer swings into full gear.

Have There Been Recent Car Accidents in Pittsburgh?

According to a recent Pittsburgh news article, there was an accident in Pittsburgh’s Chateau neighborhood involving the death of two people that also resulted in a child being injured and listed in critical condition. Two individuals were also injured while attempting to get the victims away from the vehicle involved in the accident.

At the scene of the accident, a dog and one person were discovered to have been killed as a result of the accident, with another individual involved being transported to a hospital. Unfortunately, that person died while receiving medical care. The child in the vehicle was successfully transported to the hospital and received medical attention.

With witness statements and reports from authorities, the cause of the accident was initially assumed to be caused by speeding, but an investigation has yet to be completed.

Car accidents can be devastating

According to data provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, we can see that there are many traffic collisions each year across the Commonwealth. With the latest reporting year of data available, there were:

  • 128,420 total accidents
  • 78,219 accidents involving injuries
  • 1,190 fatal accidents

Those who survive a car accident often sustain numerous and severe injuries. Some of the most common injuries that victims of Pittsburgh car accidents experience include:

We are prepared to assist your case

If the actions of a negligent driver have caused you or somebody you care to sustain an injury or property damage, seek an attorney as soon as possible. At SMT Legal, we will thoroughly investigate your case to find out what happened and work on your behalf to secure the compensation you are entitled to. Compensation for damages can include the following:

  • Coverage of lost income or benefits while you recover
  • Medical expenses that are related to the incident
  • Loss of personal enjoyment damages
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Punitive damages against the negligent driver

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