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Train Accidents More Common Than You Think

Date: Jan 5th, 2019 By Jonathan M. Stewart
Category: Train Accident

When we had that train derailment at Station Square back in August, many people started asking important questions.

  • How safe are the trains in our area?
  • Are the tracks regularly maintained?
  • Should we be worried?

The August derailment happened because the train jumped the tracks. This article tells us that there are, on average, 226 train incidents a year involving just freight trains in Pennsylvania. The thing is, we have many other types of trains in and around Pittsburgh that operate on a daily basis, not just freight trains.

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What Can Happen

When it comes to trains, many people think of them as transportation that we do not use anymore, but that simply is not true. There are many trains that operate all across Pennsylvania, carrying freight and people. The problem is that, even though we still use trains, the funding to maintain rail infrastructure is going down.

When a train gets into an accident, the results can be devastating. Train crashes have the potential to become mass casualty events that can affect passengers, the people immediately around them, as well as those farther away depending on the cargo. Trains are large vehicles and each car weighs tons.

  • According to the Federal Railroad Administration, in 2017 there were nearly 12,000 total train incidents.
  • As a result of these incidents, there were over 800 fatalities and nearly 9,000 injuries.

It is important that train companies and the agencies that operate them regularly inspect and maintain each train car and their connections. Failing to do so means that they could experience a failure while moving. The train tracks also need to be checked. There are a number of things that can go wrong to the tracks themselves as well as the terrain around them that can cause derailments.

Those tasked with operating the train should:

  • Not operate while impaired by drugs or alcohol
  • Never be distracted by a phone or other devices
  • Follow all laws and regulations regarding train safety

Train safety boils down to preventative maintenance and training to prevent major accidents.

The train that derailed in August was filled with Listerine, pet food and laundry detergent. Imagine what would have happened if hazardous materials were being transported.

What You Can Do Now

We know that you did not expect yourself or a loved one to be involved in a train accident. If it has happened, you need to know where to turn. At SMT Legal, our team wants to help you get through this by working to secure the compensation you need for all of your accident-related expenses.

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