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Problems For Pitt Pupils

Date: Sep 23rd, 2021 By Christopher P. Thomas
Category: Criminal Defense

Pittsburgh has been experiencing an increased amount of criminal activity, as exemplified by the recent arrest of Erik Robert Demarco on charges of criminal trespassing. The recent events surrounding crime particularly concern University of Pittsburgh students, as one pupil caught Demarco attempting to break into her house while another caught him simply staring at her and her friends.

While many of these stories do involve guilty persons, others may be cases of wrongful identification or accidental happenstance. If you or a loved one require a competitive Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney, please reach out to a representative from SMT Legal as soon as possible.

Pittsburgh Prowler Identified; Arrested

Police in Pittsburgh recently arrested a man on two felony criminal trespassing charges near the University of Pittsburgh campus. Erik Robert Demarco, a 36-year-old man from McKeesport, was detained by Zone 4 detectives who were working with the Pittsburgh and University of Pittsburgh police departments. Along with criminal trespass, Demarco received a misdemeanor count of loitering and prowling at night and another for escape.

Demarco allegedly attempted to break into students’ residences around campus and was recognized by the emergency services caller whose house he was attempting to gain access to. The caller stated that this was repetitive behavior for Demarco as he had tried to break into other residences of female students. While she added that she believed that Demarco assumed that students would be out partying during the times he was trying to break in, it is unclear why he could potentially be targeting student residences belonging to females.

Students and officers alike have observed suspicious behavior by Demarco over recent weeks. Some students have reported that Demarco attempted to access their homes, fled premises in the presence of police officers, and used tactics to avoid detection. One of these instances occurred while a police officer was talking with a 911 caller when Demarco fled into a hillside that is heavily wooded and extremely steep. Despite the opportunity, conditions were deemed too dangerous to search for Demarco and the pursuit was called off.

The break eventually came when a University Pittsburgh student by the name of Shira Perloff identified Demarco and called the police as he was “staring at [Perloff] and her friends.” Demarco ran as Pittsburgh police eventually found and detained him. Campus police also responded to the scene shortly thereafter. Demarco’s arrest comes after an uptick in crime at the University of Pittsburgh.

The South Side among other neighborhoods is being cautioned by officials at the University of Pittsburgh to the recent rise in violent crime. The statement put out by the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management is discouraging students from spending time in the area – especially during the nighttime. The university cites increased firearm usage and claims that Pittsburgh Police and other public safety personnel are aware of the situation and increasing their presence in the area. They are advising students to use “common sense” when exploring the city.

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