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Pittsburgh Mayoral Race Dictates Future of Crime

Date: Nov 17th, 2021 By Christopher P. Thomas
Category: Criminal Defense

The Pittsburgh mayoral race has been heating up the city in the days leading up to the election. As two candidates with two vastly different criminal reform platforms discussed their visions for the city, the public began to become aware of what crime may look like in coming years. SMT Legal is dedicated to providing up-to-date information surrounding crime in Pittsburgh, in addition to experienced Pittsburgh criminal defense attorneys for when the unthinkable happens.

The Candidates In-Question; Differences Arise

The future of the Steel City was debated in a heated exchange between the two primary mayoral candidates last week. Democrat Ed Gainey and Republican Tony Moreno were the two figureheads leading the charge for their respective parties in an effort to sit in Pittsburgh’s mayoral seat. Much of the discussion surrounded crime and safety in the city, a topic that is not unusual for a political debate, but has been exacerbated and inflamed following the death of George Floyd and its subsequent riots.

Gainey was quick to highlight the communal potential for the city. On the debate stage, he touted his vision for a Pittsburgh that is safer, more diverse, and more affordable than it currently is. His rival, Moreno, clapped back in a decisive fashion, claiming that real change would only come when career politicians are ousted from their posts in city and state governments. The debate was important as the vote to decide in which direction the city would head was held only days later, having a strong impact on violent crime for years to come.

For 30 minutes, the men covered a variety of topics. Among these was the question of a local political action committee (PAC) by the name of African Americans for Good Government. In a free pass to Moreno, he drew connections between Gainey and the PAC after nefarious actions were carried out by the treasurer of the organization leading to official charges. Moses Nelson, the treasurer in question, failed to report contributions to the organization that exceeded $250. This same man was a longtime political advisor to Gainey, summoning questions regarding the true nature of his crime agenda. Gainey stated that he had nothing to do with the PAC’s bookkeeping and that he’s not a target for investigation.

Moderators then prompted the candidates on the death of Jim Rogers, a black man who died last month following his attempted robbery of a bicycle. The police tased the man, resulting in his death 24 hours later. Gainey claimed that police policy is in need of reform, and that social workers and other public health officials should be sent on select emergency calls. He added that they understand how to de-escalate and could save lives. Moreno, while recognizing that the incident should have never happened, retaliated by citing his past experience as a cop. Moreno believes that Roger’s death was an issue of leadership.

How SMT Will Mitigate the Coming Times of Criminal Defense

Tony Moreno’s belief that police should be “championed” in place of defunding them proved unpopular with voters after he lost the race to Ed Gainey. In a 70% to 29% ratio, Gainey won the mayoral race over his Republican opponent.

The mayoral race has large implications for crime in Pittsburgh over the next few years. SMT Legal’s primary concern is justice for our clients and the citizens of Pittsburgh. Our law firm has extensive experience and will fight for you following accusations of violent or petty crime. Please consider reaching out to one of our Pittsburgh criminal defense attorneys at 412-361-9201 or through filling out a form here at any time of the day for fast, dedicated assistance.

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