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I’m On A Boat

Date: May 25th, 2019 By Jonathan M. Stewart
Category: Boating Accident

The weather is heating up and that means new recreational activities are soon to follow. We’re not only talking about activities on land like riding your bike, carnivals, festivals and riding a motorcycle. We’re talking about the activities that take place on open water like duck boats, water skiing and simply riding a boat with some friends. The warm weather brings on additional dangers and ways we can be involved in an accident. Being the “Steel City”, we are known in part for our booming boating industry. Although you make think that driving a boat on open water is a piece of cake and that accidents could not possibly happen, you are mistaken. For the latest reporting year, there were 4,158 recreational boating accidents. From those accidents, there were 2,613 injuries and 626 deaths. These statistics show that there are no small accidents when it comes to boats. Our Pittsburgh boat accident lawyers at SMT Legal have extensive experience to handle these complex cases.

Why Do They Happen?

Accidents happen, we all know that. However, when an accident happens because of another person’s negligence the outcome can be catastrophic. There are common reasons for boating accidents believe it or not, just like there are for car accidents. The stakes are a lot higher, however, on a boat. Did you know; there was a fatality rate of 5 deaths for every 100,000 registered recreational vessels. Some common reasons for boat accidents are slip and fall, equipment failure, not wearing a life jacket, improper lookout and distracted driving. Alcohol and other forms of intoxicated driving are the leading cause of boating accidents. Weather can also be a contributing factor to boating accidents but boat operators have a duty to plan for the weather when possible. Injuries that have been sustained during a boating accident can range from a small scrape or bruise to permanent brain injury and even death. Many passengers on boats do not know how to swim and when impaired and not wearing a life jacket, they can end up being seriously injured or even drowning without being able to get help.

How We Can Help

Being injured in a boating accident in Pittsburgh or elsewhere in Pennsylvania can be a confusing situation. We at SMT Legal understand what you are going through and are waiting to help you during this difficult time. A boating accident may have multiple liable parties ranging from the driver to the boat manufacturer. We will fight with every liable party on your behalf. Our Pittsburgh boat accident attorneys will not stop until we obtain compensation for your injuries. We will attempt to obtain compensation for lost wages, medical expenses from the accident, punitive damages, as well as, pain and suffering. You can contact us for a free initial consultation by calling us at 412-765-3345 or by filling out our online contact form. Do not let another person’s negligence alter your life forever.

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