Heading To A Game This Season? Are You Safe At The Stadium?

Heading To A Game This Season? Are You Safe At The Stadium?

Date: Oct 15th, 2019 By Jonathan M. Stewart
Category: Personal Injury

We are in the midst of one of the most exciting times of the year for many PA residents – football season. When you or a loved one head to a game, you should not have to worry about whether or not you are safe at the stadium. However, the personal injury lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA at SMT Legal know that there are times when the negligence of stadium owners and operators can cause injuries. Recently, one man has been fighting for his right to compensation after an assault at Philadelphia Eagles game.

What happened at the Eagles stadium?

In December 2014, Patrick Pearson was severely beaten in the bathroom at Lincoln Financial Field during a game. He was wearing a Troy Aikman Dallas Cowboys jersey when he visited the crowded bathroom during halftime. Eagles fans were taunting Cowboys fans, to which Pearson responded, “get a ring and we’ll talk,” referring to Super Bowl rings.

Someone then grabbed the Cowboys knit cap from Pearson’s head and threw it in the urinal, and Pearson ended up on the floor with four or five people holding him down, choking him, and twisting his leg. His injuries required two rods and ten pins to be inserted into his leg.

Pearson filed a lawsuit against the Philadelphia Eagles and their security firm, arguing they did not do enough to prevent such an incident from occurring. A jury agreed, and Pearson was awarded $700,000 for his injuries. However, a Pennsylvania appeals court has overturned that verdict, saying the team should not have been held liable for the injuries.

Pearson still walks with a limp and says he suffers from continuing leg pain from the attack.

What you can do to stay safe

When you and your loved ones are heading to a game, you should be safe from harm. Stadium owners should do everything they can to keep fans safe, including providing adequate security in areas where assaults may occur.

Aside from the typical premises liability issues (slip and fall risks, poorly maintained premises, etc.), always be aware of any potentially charged situations at a game. Emotions run high. Always locate security and keep an eye out for intoxicated fans who could cause problems.

We are ready to help you through this

If you or someone you love has been injured at a sports stadium due to the negligent actions of the property owner or employees, seek legal assistance as soon as possible. At SMT Legal, we are ready to investigate what happened in your case. Our goal is to secure the compensation you need, including:

  • Your medical expenses related to the incident
  • Lost wages and benefits if you cannot work
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Loss of personal enjoyment damages
  • Possible punitive damages against the property owner or business

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