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Dog Bites Lead To Rabies Scare

Date: Feb 16th, 2019 By Jonathan M. Stewart
Category: Dog Bite Injury

Dogs are incredibly precious. They are the reason people don’t lose their minds from all the stress of life. Dogs help people cope with what is going on in their life and they encourage people to exercise because they force people to go outside and walk them. However, not looks after their pets with a high level of care. Pennsylvania is a state with a growing legal interest in dog attacks. It is an emerging issue within the legal world because dogs are becoming so prevalent. About 89 million dogs are in the homes of people. There should be rules to help regulate the housing of animals and well as dictating which behaviors are right or wrong, particularly if you are unsure if the dog has had its rabies shots.

What Are the Regulations?

So far, Pennsylvania has come along way. At one point, the state was ranked 44th in the nation for creating laws that help protect animals. Pennsylvania is now in 24th because they recognized that animal abuse can be treated as a felony for first-time offenders which includes torture. The state also recognizes that in order for animal abuse to be reported, you can’t punish those who suspect the abuse is happening which means that state is granting immunity to anyone who can lead to an abusive situation.

For dog bites, Pennsylvania has also gotten more robust in its regulations. If you were bitten by a dog then through strict liability the owner must cover any financial struggles due to the incident. However, it must be a dog bite, not a scratch or an accidental bump from a dog’s head. The bite must have not been provoked, too.

A simple case of a woman who was walking by her neighbor’s house. The neighbor’s dog, who was unleashed, ran toward the woman who started to run away from the dog. The dog bit into the woman’s leg and took a chunk out of her calf. This serious injury required a medical examination, and since it was unprovoked there is a good chance that if the woman were to sue she would have a successful story.

Also, when it comes to dogs, Pennsylvania has a rule where the dogs must be kept in the house or yard with supervision or on a lease. This is not only protection for the animal, but also the people around in the surrounding area. If the animal were to escape than the owner is still liable for whatever the animal does. The trouble with getting animal bites is that you never know if the animal has gotten it’s rabies shots. This was the problem with the woman who was bitten by the dog.

What To Do?

If you have been bitten by an animal and you were not trespassing then you have the right to get compensation for your injury. Call 412-765-3345 or click here to speak with our Pittsburgh, PA, dog bite attorney at SMT Legal for more information on how we can best represent you.

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