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Dog Attacks Increasing

Date: Feb 22nd, 2019 By Jonathan M. Stewart
Category: Dog Bite Injury

With the increase of online shopping, people are waiting for their packages instead of going out and shopping for same day purchases. As people wait for their packages, a delivery person is loading up their truck to get the packages to you. Since packages are coming more and more, the delivery person is dealing with more and more stops on their routes. Some of these stops are to homes where there are animals. Dogs are the most common pet that delivery people have to deal with. Generally, people are good about keeping their pets inside the house or keeping them in an enclosed space, but sometimes dogs are tricky and find ways to protect their homes.

If you work all day then your dog is usually at home waiting for you to return. They probably sleep or self entertain. But when there is someone who is on their territory they can sense that it isn’t their owner. It can make a dog go into full defense mode. For the poor mail carrier, that could mean that they are in real danger if the animal were to get out. There has been a marked increase of dogs attacking mail carriers of 14% since 2015. Every year it is increasing as people are opting to receive more and more packages from online shopping. Online shopping may be convenient for you, but to the mail carriers, it means entering more strange houses.

When Dogs Bite

This is the story of a young woman who was just doing her job. She was cautious and looked for all the signs of animals. She worked for the US Postal Service. She was delivering to a house that had signs that they had dogs on their property. She knew there were multiple dogs and thought that they were in the house at the time. She cautiously drove up and walked over to the garage to leave the package. This is when tragedy strikes. Not only was she bit by one dog, but two other dogs started to bite her too. She was bitten from her ankles all the way up to her chest. She has claw marks all down her back. The dog bites were so deep, they were described as shark bites. The young woman was attacked by three healthy German Shepards. Those kinds of dogs have a strong bite because of their size.

The young woman has to go through multiple surgeries to reconstruct her body and get her back to normal. Dog attacks are no joke and can cause severe health problems physically and emotionally. The partner of the young woman says that she has trouble sleeping because she keeps reliving the trauma.

What To Do?

If you or someone you love has been attacked by a dog then you need to reach out to our dog attack attorney in Pittsburgh at SMT Legal. Our team can help you recover by holding the dog owner responsible for their animals. Call 412-765-3345 or click here to get started on finding you justice today.

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