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8 Injured In Truck Versus Bus Crash

Date: Nov 16th, 2018 By Jonathan M. Stewart
Category: Truck Accident

Eight passengers on a Port Authority bus in Homestead were taken to the hospital after the bus was struck by a delivery truck.

The incident happened in the early morning hours of Nov. 13 near East Eighth Avenue near Dickson Street. Police say that they believe the delivery truck driver caused the accident.

“He was making a delivery of mail. It wasn’t a mail truck. In his searching for the post office, he took his eyes off the road. At that time, that’s when the truck veered over the center line,” said Homestead Police Chief Jeffrey DeSimone.

The truck smashed into the driver’s side of the bus. First responders to the scene said the truck driver told them he fell asleep at the wheel.

At SMT Legal, this incident highlights some of the dangers that our citizens face from trucks each day. Do you know what to do if you are injured in an accident like this?

If you need a Pittsburgh, PA truck accident lawyer, our team is standing by, ready to help you recover the compensation you deserve.

What Kind Of Trucks

We have all kinds of trucks in and around Pittsburgh performing valuable services to our city and the surrounding area. While you may not think about it regularly, consider how many of the following you see on a day-to-day basis:

  • Mail delivery trucks (like the one from the story above)
  • Dump trucks
  • Cement trucks
  • Box trucks
  • Eighteen wheelers
  • Tanker trucks (fuel, oil, etc.)

These are large vehicles and most of them have signed on their sides and back warning drivers to stay back while on the roadways. These vehicles weigh tens of thousands of pounds when they are carrying loads, so the trucks need to be in good shape to handle the situations.

Truck companies must regularly inspect their vehicles and fix any problem then encounter. One of the main causes of truck accidents is the failure of some part of the vehicle. This can include problems with the brakes, powertrain, steering, suspension, lighting, or another part of the truck. If something goes wrong while the truck is moving down the road, the driver can lose control of the vehicle at high speeds.

Truck driver negligence can also cause major accidents. In the story above, the driver said he fell asleep before the crash. Was he following all laws relating to how many hours he can drive a day?

Other times, drunk or distracted truck drivers cause accidents on the roadway.

What You Can Do Now

Do not wait to seek legal assistance if you are injured in a truck accident caused by someone else’s negligence. We know how scary these accidents can be, but we want to help. Let the experienced team at SMT Legal work for you.

We will work tirelessly to ensure that you are provided with enough compensation to cover all of your accident-related expenses, from medical bills and lost income to pain and suffering damages. If you need a truck accident attorney in Pittsburgh, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling 412-765-3345.

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