Everything Is On The Internet And So Are These 10 Kinds Of Crimes

Everything Is On The Internet And So Are These 10 Kinds Of Crimes

Date: Aug 19th, 2021 By Christopher P. Thomas
Category: Internet Crime

Nowadays, everyone uses the internet in their daily lives. The internet is used for work, entertainment, and social engagement. There is hardly anything you could not do on the internet. We use it to shop, watch shows, read books, interact with friends and family, read the news, and so much more. Since the internet has been made so accessible, we have the world at our fingertips.

While the internet has made our lives so much easier, it also comes with the risks of innocently committing internet crimes or being a victim of an internet crime. However, a Pittsburgh internet crime attorney can have a clear understanding of the confusing internet crime laws.

There Is A Risk With Any Internet Device For Crime

The internet is widely used on tablets, smartphones, laptops, and gaming consoles. There is no universal law restricting what ages someone can have access to the internet. It is not your fault for how confusing the internet is made out to be with its terms and agreements. Some internet crimes consist of:

  1. Social Network Fraud: Creating and using fake profiles online to impersonate someone else.
  2. Hacking: Intentionally obtaining access into someone’s device without permission.
  3. Internet Piracy: Downloading and distributing copyrighted material.
  4. Identity theft: Stealing or selling others’ personal information, like credit card information or social security number.
  5. Spoofing and phishing: Using fake emails to get personal information out of people.
  6. Cyberstalking: Pursuing someone online to harass or harvest information.
  7. Gambling: A business that operates by taking bets over the internet.
  8. Ransomware: Maliciously infecting an internet device with a virus.
  9. Distribution of child pornography: Sharing explicit images of a child.
  10. Engaging in sexual activity with a minor: Performing sexual acts with an individual who is under the age of 18.
  11. Cyberbullying: Bullying online by harassing, threatening, or belittling others.

Have You Been Accused Of A Cybercrime?

There are steps you can take after being accused of an internet crime. Although these types of charges can be challenging to battle, consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Pittsburgh can save you from being found guilty.

Luckily, there are valuable ways you can protect yourself on the internet. Some tips include:

  • Use strong passwords
  • Do not open attachments in spam emails or unsolicited text messages
  • Do not click on links on untrustworthy websites or spam emails
  • Keep your software updated
  • Manage your social media settings
  • If it is for a business, keep up to date on major security breaches
  • Protect your personal info by using a VPN
  • Review your account statements regularly
  • Think twice about using public wi-fi
  • Contact the companies directly about a suspicious request
  • Do not give out personal information unless the site is secure

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