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Lawrence County Electric Scooter Accident Attorney

If you haven’t noticed the uptick of electric scooter use in recent years, you are among the minority. Scooters seem to be everywhere, and wherever they go, electric scooter accidents seem to follow. Scooters are inherently dangerous for riders, with many serious accidents in recent records, but they also pose a danger to pedestrians who are forced to share the sidewalks with them. From broken bones to traumatic brain injuries, a myriad of problems seems to crop up whenever largescale use of scooters is involved, including the rideshare scooters that are becoming increasingly popular. If you or a loved one has been injured on a scooter or by a scooter rider, you have a right to compensation in many cases. Contact our Lawrence County electric scooter accident attorney to discuss your situation right away.

What Makes Electric Scooters Dangerous?

Despite their toy-like look, electric scooters can be quite dangerous under certain conditions and during certain situations. These factors add to the danger posed by electric scooter use:

  • Scooters’ size: Scooters are small, so their operators are less visible to others on the road. Scooters can easily become obscured by traffic or obstacles in the landscape, making them an unseen target for traditional passenger vehicles.
  • Open design: Scooters afford no protection to the rider since they have no protective sides or airbags to shield the rider from being ejected from the scooter.
  • Stability issues: Standing on a scooter is a balancing act, literally. The vehicle has two wheels and a platform for the rider to stand along with handlebars to guide its movements. This in itself makes scooter rides unpredictable under the best circumstances.
  • Untrained riders: Riders who have no experience with scooters make up the bulk of riders in most places. There is no waiting period to start riding; users simply activate the scooters with an app and take off. This can spell big trouble for the scooter rider and anyone he/she encounters.
  • No helmet required: There are currently no requirements for riders of scooters to wear helmets, which leaves the delicate head area open to injuries.
  • No maintenance regulation: The upkeep of shared scooters is left in the hands of the scooter companies. It is not unusual for scooters to fall into disrepair and still be in service. For example, a scooter’s brakes may fail, leading to a horrific accident when the rider cannot stop when needed.
  • Design defects: Recent reports of a scooter company recalling every unit of a particular model due to the deck breaking in half-point to the fact that (like all products) there are some bad apples making it through—and increasing the odds of electric scooter accidents.
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    From the scooter companies to the manufacturers of scooters, there may be more than one defendant in an electric scooter accident claim. If you have been injured on a scooter or by a scooter rider, call our Lawrence County electric scooter accident attorney to review your case details and begin the claims process.

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