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The knee is the largest joint in the human body and, when injured, can cause a significant amount of pain and inconvenience. A knee injury can be completely debilitating – keeping you out of work and unable to perform the most basic daily functions.

Even a minor knee injury, one that heals on its own, can cause long-lasting damage and future problems. Whether you were injured at work or in a slip and fall accident, SMT Legal can help you collect compensation to cover medical costs and lost wages.

Our Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers and medical malpractice lawyers represent clients with a wide range of knee injuries occurring in situations from basic slip and fall accidents to workplace injuries and botched surgeries.

We want to help answer your questions and hold those responsible for your knee injury accountable.

We are aggressive personal injury lawyers and will work to find a solution in order for you to collect compensation for the current and future medical costs of the injury and other damages.

Our goal is to get the maximum compensation you deserve. We handle all personal injury cases on a contingency basis, which means we don’t get paid unless you get paid. Call us today for a free case evaluation.


We don’t get paid unless you get paid.

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    Types Of Compensation For Knee Injuries

    Knee injuries can put a lot of strain on a person and their family. This is especially true if you have to be out of work or cannot perform daily functions and activities that you are used to doing for yourself and your family.

    On top of this, there will be medical bills to pay with time off for trips to the doctor and physical therapy expenses, not to mention surgeries and follow-ups. All of this can get expensive.

    That is why our serious injury lawyers will work with you to get the maximum compensation we know you will need. We will work to prove who is at fault for your injury and fight the insurance companies and their lawyers for you.

    The following is a list of types of compensation one can expect in a knee injury case:

    • Medical Expenses – both present and future
    • Rehabilitation Expenses / Physical Therapy
    • Lost Wages and Future Lost Wages
    • Pain and Suffering

    These types of cases often involve a lot of investigation and evidence gathering – not to mention enlisting experts to help build a strong case. Get the compensation you deserve by talking with us – we will fight for the money you deserve.

    Common Causes Of Knee Injuries

    Most knee injuries are caused by a sudden twist or movement or by carrying or lifting heavy objects. The ramifications of a knee injury can be severe and lead to a lengthy recovery.

    Although there are numerous ways for a knee injury to occur, some of the most common include:

    No matter how the knee injury occurs, it needs to be taken seriously. Even a knee injury that seems relatively minor can worsen over time and require multiple surgeries. Pain can increase with age and what seems like a minor ailment could develop into chronic pain.

    Further, an injured knee is often prone to re-injury. It is extremely important that you see a doctor immediately to be evaluated and have the severity of the injury documented.

    Although each person’s body reacts differently to an injury, there are some common signs and symptoms of a knee injury that you should take seriously.

    These symptoms include:

    • Swelling
    • Joint Pain
    • Loss of Range of Motion
    • Difficulty Bending or Squatting
    • Locking of the Knee


    There are varying degrees of knee injuries. Some are simple and with a little rest and time will heal on their own. But many others are severe and require surgical intervention.

    Only a qualified physician will be able to determine the specific injury to the knee.

    Some of the most common types of knee injuries include:

    • Torn Meniscus
    • Sprained or Ripped Meniscus
    • Dislocated Kneecap
    • Bone Contusion
    • Torn ACL
    • Tendonitis

    A knee injury should be evaluated promptly by a doctor – it is impossible to tell the severity of the injury by looks alone.

    Many knee injuries require surgery and or rehabilitation to restore full function. This could mean as little as weeks but as long as months off of work for a full recovery. When older adults suffer knee injuries, it could be especially debilitating and more time-consuming for the injury to heal.

    Liability In Knee Injury Cases – Who Is At Fault?

    If you suffer an injury by motor vehicle accident, a slip-and-fall, or while at work, you will need to prove who is at fault for the accident. This is also true if you suffered an injury due to medical malpractice.

    A thorough investigation will need to be completed in order to build a strong case against the guilty party. That is where SMT Legal can help – and at no cost, unless we win money for you.

    Our experienced and aggressive attorneys will conduct a full investigation and gather evidence to determine the cause of the injury. This may include investigating all police reports, speaking to witnesses of the accident or with medical personal who may have been involved in the case of medical malpractice.

    After a case has been built, your attorneys can seek compensation from all parties involved or their insurance companies. They can start negotiations with the insurance companies or prepare your case for litigation or trial.


    If you or your loved one suffered a knee injury we are here to guide you and your family through a difficult time.

    We are compassionate attorneys who will fight for the maximum compensation you deserve.

    We will aggressively push the car insurance companies, health insurance companies and workers compensation to get the maximum coverage they owe for your injuries. If applicable, we will take action against any negligent medical care workers.

    We will evaluate your claim thoroughly and retain the medical experts needed to evaluate and validate your case. Our job is to thoroughly investigate your case and speak with orthopedists, doctors and other medical professionals to build a strong and winnable case.

    We will meticulously go over your medical records and consult with the medical experts to determine if the knee injury was preventable and whether it derived from another’s carelessness or negligence.

    If you were in an accident, we will thoroughly investigate the cause of the accident in order to hold those responsible for your injuries, and their insurance companies, accountable for the money they owe you.

    Proving fault of the accident and demonstrating the medical costs for a knee injury patient requires medical knowledge. You will need a qualified team of experts and lawyers to present a strong case.

    Our Pittsburgh Injury Attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning that you will not pay us anything unless we win your case. There is no fee in simply talking to us and letting us hear your story.

    We are here to listen and answer your questions.

    SMT Legal: The Difference Makers

    Our primary goal is to get you the maximum compensation for your injuries.

    Knee injuries can often require long-term care and a rehabilitation period, making medical care very expensive. When we represent clients with knee injuries we pull together a team of aggressive investigators and lawyers to work for you.

    We understand your rights and how to fight for the money you deserve.

    Our attorneys are not just here to collect a paycheck – we are here to make a difference. Contact us today.

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