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Indiana County Terroristic Threat Charges Attorney

There are some crimes that just sound so bad that you may wonder what options you have. If you are facing terroristic threat charges, you need to seek legal assistance immediately. While prosecutors may wave this charge around, we want you to know that SMT Legal will work to ensure you are treated fairly.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team understands that these charges can be levied for relatively minor offenses. When you need a terroristic threat charges lawyer, call us today.

What Does “Terroristic Threat” Mean?

Just hearing the phrase “terroristic threat” connotates so many things in people’s minds. The charges exist in Pennsylvania to give authorities a way to punish those who have the intention to carry out major crimes or threatens to do so. Terroristic threat charges can be applied if a person,

  • Commits a violent act with the intent to terrorize another person.
  • Causes serious public inconvenience or terror.
  • Causes the evacuation of a public transportation facility, place of assembly, or a building.

There are good intentions behind having these laws on the books. Nobody thinks that terrorists should not be punished and people should certainly be charged if they intend to inflict terror. However, these charges can be applied liberally by law enforcement officials and prosecutors.

Consider the following situations in which these charges have been applied:

  • Leaving threatening phone messages after discovering your partner has cheated.
  • Arguing with your neighbor and threatening them with a weapon in the heat of the moment.

Yes, these things are bad, but do they constitute “terroristic threats?” There is a big difference between the terror caused by someone yelling “bomb!” on the subway and two neighbors getting into an argument on the street.

These charges can be applied as misdemeanors or felonies depending on whether anyone was injured as a result of the alleged actions. A suspect could face incarceration as well as fines. They could also be forced to any restitution to public safety officials who responded to the alleged threat.

What We Can Do Now

If you are facing charges of making a terroristic threat, it is absolutely vital that you seek legal assistance immediately. These charges can be used for various reasons and a strong defense is going to be necessary to beat them.

Defending these charges depends on proving that there was never any intention to cause terror or harm someone. A skilled criminal defense lawyer must be just as vigorous in your defense as the prosecutor who is pushing these charges against you.

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    At SMT Legal, you can count on us to perform a thorough investigation into all charges against you. We will examine the evidence, listen to witnesses, and work to get the charges against you reduced or dropped altogether. When you life is on the line, turn to experienced leaders. If you need an Indiana County terroristic threat charges attorney, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling 1-888-976-2529.

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