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Being Charged With Dui While On Probation In Pennsylvania

What Happens When You Are Charged with a DUI While on Probation in Pennsylvania?

When an individual is placed on probation, it is expected that the person toes the line and strictly follow the rules set forth in their probation.

If a separate crime is committed during a probation period, prosecutors and judges are likely to seek the harshest punishments under the law – including prison time and large fines.

You may be required to fulfill your full original sentence plus additional sentencing if you are found guilty of a crime while on probation.  

If you are currently on probation and have been charged with a DUI in Pennsylvania, it is imperative that you talk with an experienced DUI attorney immediately upon arrest. Both DUI and violation of probation are very serious offenses and an experienced attorney can help you fight for your freedom and defend your rights.

Being arrested for a DUI does not necessarily mean you will be convicted of a DUI.

A person who has been charged with DUI is not necessarily guilty. That is why there are hearings and ways to plead your case. An experienced DUI lawyer can help a defendant explore the many ways of winning a DUI case in Pennsylvania.

However, for an individual already on probation, it is even more crucial that you have adequate representation to fight the DUI charge and preserve your current probation status.

Pittsburgh DUI Attorney Christopher Thomas offers FREE CASE EVALUATIONS to anyone charged with a DUI – call him today.

There are ways to fight back and to protect your freedom. The value of having an aggressive DUI lawyer may very well outweigh the costs to your freedom, your license, your job and your future.

Being Charged With Dui While On Probation In Pennsylvania

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    Penalties For A Dui In Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania has very harsh penalties for a DUI conviction. If you are found guilty, the penalties you receive will be in addition to penalties you receive for violating your probation. It may be more likely that you are given stricter sentencing for repeated violations of the law.

    First-time DUI in PA:

    • A misdemeanor on your permanent record
    • A $500 – $5,000 fine
    • 48 hours to six months in jail
    • One year license suspension
    • AHSS attendance

    Second-time DUI in PA:

    • A misdemeanor on your permanent record
    • A $750 – $5,000 fine
    • 90 days to five years in prison
    • One year license suspension
    • AHSS attendance
    • One Year of Ignition Interlock

    Third Time DUI in PA:

    • A first-degree misdemeanor
    • A $1,500 – $10,000 fine
    • One to five years in prison
    • 18 month license suspension
    • AHSS attendance
    • One Year of Ignition Interlock


    It is important to remember that prosecutors and judges do not take kindly to repeat offenders or those that violate the terms of their probation. Steps will immediately be taken to revoke your current probation.

    Upon your arrest for DUI, the following sequence is likely to happen:

    • You will have a hearing and be arraigned for the DUI;
    • Your Probation Officer (PO) will be notified and he or she will determine if the DUI is a violation of your probation. If you are found in violation of the terms, your PO can immediately file a statement of violation to seek revocation of probation;
    • If arrested for the probation violation, you will immediately be sent to jail and be denied bond;
    • Your attorney will meet with the prosecutor to negotiate and try to establish that the DUI was not a violation of your probation;
    • You will then face a judge and be sentenced accordingly.

    Violation of probation is taken very seriously. Not only will you be facing charges for the DUI offense, which includes jail time, fines and a misdemeanor on your permanent record, but in addition, you can be resentenced on the original crime.

    Your criminal history will be taken into account when determining your sentence.

    Alternate Penalties For Violation Of Probation

    A skilled criminal defense attorney is your best chance for the possibility of maintaining your freedom. There are some alternatives that do not include additional jail time such as:

    • Fines
    • Counseling
    • Rehabilitation
    • Community Service
    • Extended Probation Period

    At SMT Legal we understand the challenges you face, but we also will fight aggressively for your freedom. We will closely investigate all evidence, police reports and talk to any witnesses that may be helpful in fighting for your liberties.

    Pittsburgh DUI Attorneys That Can Make A Difference

    Our compassionate and aggressive Pittsburgh DUI attorneys believe that people are inherently good. Lots of people make mistakes and some are falsely accused. A harsh punishment is rarely productive for anyone involved.

    Defendants have families who also bear the burden of their loved one being sentenced to jail and losing their job or their license. Many people need treatment programs, not harsh sentencing.

    Our aggressive and compassionate attorneys are here to guide you through a difficult time.

    Call Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer Christopher Thomas for a free legal evaluation of your case.

    Attorney Thomas is here to answer your questions, listen to your situation, explain your rights and offer the best steps to defending your rights and getting your future on track.

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