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PWID Drugs or Possession with Intent to Distribute Drugs in Pennsylvania means that you were arrested on suspicion of selling, manufacturing, transporting, cultivating/growing or trafficking illegal narcotics.

If you were arrested for PWID of a controlled substance in PA, both the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and U.S. Federal Prosecutors may try you in court.

Both prosecution teams are going to try to stick it to you as hard as they can – that’s their job.

Our job is to see to it that they can’t.

We are experienced and combative Pittsburgh PWID Drug Lawyers who will take a strategic approach to battle it out with prosecutors in the courtroom. We will boldly dispute your drug charges and insist they be dropped or reduced.

We will closely examine and investigate your case to leave no stone unturned in defending your rights and liberties.

See our detailed information page on standard sentencing for drug PWID crime convictions, which can be very harsh, for example:

  • A first offense of PWID of two to ten grams of illegal narcotics (Schedule I or II drugs) means you face up to two years in jail and a $5,000 fine for a first offense. This includes marijuanacocaine and heroin.
  • Up to three years in prison and a $25,000 for two to ten grams of PWID methamphetamine

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    Pwid Drug Charges Can Be Fought And Won In Court

    PWID charges mean that the police suspected you of any of the following criminal activities:

    • Selling drugs
    • Trafficking drugs
    • Transporting drugs
    • Cultivating drugs (growing, guarding or concealing marijuana)
    • Manufacturing drugs
    • Selling or distributing illegal prescription drugs
    • Sharing drugs

    You will be charged with PWID if you are suspected of possessing a large enough quantity of the illegal drug over what would be used for “personal use”.

    No matter what the charges are, you have the right to fight your drug charges in a court of law. Our Pittsburgh Drug Lawyers can help you fight for your freedom.

    Prosecutors have to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that you knowingly and intentionally possessed a controlled substance. This means they have to prove several things in order for you to be found guilty.

    Defenses you can take to prove your innocence include:

    • A lack of knowledge
    • A lack of intent
    • Unlawful search and seizure occurred
    • Entrapment by law enforcement officials
    • Someone planted the drugs
    • Conspiracy was involved
    • Crime lab analysis was inaccurate
    • Motions to Suppress Evidence
    • Actual vs. Constructive Possession (The drugs did not belong to you)
    What Pittsburgh PWID Drug Attorneys Can Do For You

    First, we examine all the alleged facts and investigate the case and police reports to see if the police lacked “probable cause” in making the arrest. If the police lacked reasonable suspicion to make the arrest in the first place, all evidence could be tossed out and your case could be dismissed.

    It is also possible that the police did not follow proper procedures for a search and seizure, and if so, your case could be dismissed.

    We can investigate the amount of drugs seized to make a case that they were for personal use and not intended to distribute.

    We will also make sure the police have gathered all the evidence needed to prove the drugs belonged to you or that you were aware of the illegal drug operation. If they do not have enough evidence or are lacking enough evidence, your charges could be significantly reduced.

    We will talk to all witnesses and investigate informant reports. Many times police witnesses are not credible or reliable sources and this information will be taken into account. If the witnesses are not trustworthy, your case could be thrown out of court.

    After all evidence has been gathered we will talk to you about all the options available. We will give you the best case and worse case scenarios so you can make an informed decision. We will make sure you understand what you are up against in order to make the best decision possible in fighting your charges.

    Once we have decided on a winnable strategy, we will begin using all available resources to build a solid defense and argument in order to prepare for the hearings and trial.

    Drug Attorneys That Can Make A Difference

    Our Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Attorneys believe people to be inherently good. But they are also prone to making mistakes and some are falsely accused. A harsh punishment is counterproductive for people and their families.

    Many people need treatment programs, not harsh sentencing. Our experienced Pittsburgh drug attorneys will be with you and your family every step of the way to get you through a difficult time.

    We will fight aggressively for your possessions, your freedom and your liberties.

    At SMT Legal, we want to help you minimize the negative impact a drug arrest has on your life and your family.

    Contact Attorney Christopher Thomas today for a FREE legal case evaluation. He has over a decade of experience in helping people fight criminal charges.

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