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Clarion County Tractor and Trailer Accident Attorney

A number of major highways pass through Clarion County and as our communities grow, these highways are becoming more and more congested with commuter and commercial vehicle traffic. Clarion County highways are connected to a number of nearby cities and large commercial trucks frequent our roads as they deliver cargo from one location to another. Unfortunately, tractor and trailer accident lawyers know that one serious consequence of an increase in commercial vehicle traffic is an increase in large truck accidents as well.

Tractor and trailer truck accident attorneys

There is a lot more involved when it comes to seeking recovery in commercial truck accident cases than in typical automobile accident cases. Issues of negligence, fault, and insurance are similar, but they are raised to another level when it comes to semi truck accidents. There are significant federal and state rules and regulations with which trucking companies and truck drivers must comply. When it comes to large trucking companies trying to keep their insurance premiums low, they typically have high powered attorneys and insurance companies fighting on their behalf who will fight to keep any insurance payouts as low as possible.

For these reasons, it is important for injury victims to have experienced truck accident lawyers who are knowledgeable about applicable legal rules and regulations, who are experienced at dealing with insurance companies and attorneys of any force, and are only concerned with seeing that their clients are fully and fairly compensated for their injuries and damages.

Federal and state rules and regulations

The commercial trucking industry is governed by state and federal rules and regulations. See below for some examples of those rules and regulations.

  • Hours of service limitations including details related to how many hours driven and hours between shifts and consecutive days
  • Truck maintenance requirements
  • Special commercial vehicle drivers licensing
  • Safety, maintenance, and operation training
  • Background checks for criminal history (especially related to drugs and alcohol), license suspensions, accidents, and traffic tickets
  • Electronic logging devices and requirements
  • Required inspections, safety procedures, and safety equipment such as underride guards
  • Cargo loading/ securing and weight requirements

Tractor and trailer insurance companies

Insurance companies do not like tractor trailer accidents because of the severe injuries that are usually involved and they work to keep every claim payout as low as possible. They will often contact injured parties right after accidents to make quick settlement offers to hope that they can avoid dealing with injured parties’ attorneys. Unfortunately, when injured parties agree to settlements without an attorney advocating on their behalf, they often do not know what their claim is worth and they end up settling for much less than the amount to which they are actually entitled. When this happens, it can leave victims who have sustained serious injuries responsible for paying their future medical bills related to the accident injuries. Experienced truck accident attorneys help to value injury claims and make sure that injured parties will secure settlement amounts that cover future medical expenses as well.

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