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Clarion County Motorcycle Accident Attorney

There are close to 836,000 licensed motorcyclists in the state of Pennsylvania, and a number of them ride their bikes in Clarion County. Clarion County is known for its beautiful scenery, public parks, and perfect bike riding conditions and that is why our roads see so many resident and visitor bike riders. Unfortunately for those bike riders, sometimes motorcycle accidents happen and when they do, as experienced motorcycle accident attorneys know, resulting injuries can be devastating and life changing. In 2017, there were over 3,600 motorcyclists involved in accidents across the state of Pennsylvania and over 3,200 of those accidents involved injured bike riders with 185 suffering fatal injuries.

Motorcycle accident injuries

Motorcyclists put their lives in other drivers’ hands every time they put their bike on the road. This is because motorcycle riders are in the unique and dangerous position of riding next to full size trucks and automobiles and when accidents happen, motorcyclists who have little protection typically sustain the worst of the injuries. Even when motorcyclists are wearing helmets and other protective gear, injuries often include broken bones, road rash, infections, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injuries.

Motorcycle accident fatalities

Motorcycle riders are reportedly 3 times as likely to suffer fatal injuries in an accident than automobile occupants involved in an accident. Automobile drivers often fail to see motorcycles and sometimes fail to give them the rights that they deserve on the road. This leads to motorcycle accidents and unfortunately, sometimes motorcyclists suffer fatal injuries caused by negligent, reckless, and aggressive automobile drivers. When motorcyclists lose their lives in accidents caused by someone else’s fault, their close surviving family members may be entitled to compensation under wrongful death claims. Depending on the accident circumstances, survival actions may also be available in order to compensate for the deceased’s estate for injuries and damages that he or she suffered.

Understanding the extent of injuries

It is important that motorcyclists injured in accidents fully understand the extent of their injuries before they settle with insurance companies. Insurance companies are known to contact injured motorcyclists soon after the accident to offer a quick settlement in exchange for a waiver of liability. Sometimes injuries take a while to discover and sometimes it takes a while to learn the full, long term impacts of motorcycle accident injuries. Injured motorcyclists should never feel pressured to settle their claims quickly and they should consult with motorcycle accident attorneys prior to signing any settlement agreements or waivers in order to make sure that any settlement fully and fairly compensates them while protecting future related medical expenses and lost wages.

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