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Clarion County Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorney

A commercial vehicle is any vehicle that is used for transporting goods or people for compensation, such as delivery trucks, buses, and semi-trucks. People and goods are transported locally in Clarion County and also out of town. Several major highways run through Clarion County and many commercial vehicles operate on those highways while transporting goods and people from city to city and state to state. Clarion County commercial vehicle accident attorneys know that commercial vehicle transportation offers many benefits to our community, but the downside is that when commercial vehicle accidents occur, the resulting injuries and damages can be devastating.

Commercial vehicle resources

One thing that commercial vehicles have in common is that many of them have a wealth of resources when it comes to defending accident claims. Another thing that they have in common is that their profits are affected by car accident claims. Yes, they typically have insurance companies to pay for their claims, but premiums are higher for companies with large and frequent claim payouts. This is why when it comes to commercial vehicle accident claims, commercial vehicle companies, their insurance companies, and their defense attorneys work to pay injured accident victims as little as possible in exchange for a release of liability.

Release of liability

When insurance companies and injured accident victims reach a settlement agreement, insurance companies typically require injured parties to release them of all liability for any future claims related to accident injuries and damages. This is why it is critical for injured parties to make sure that they are being fully compensated for all of their injuries and damages, including future medical treatment required, pain and suffering, and lost earning potential. Only experienced truck accident lawyers should handle insurance negotiations and litigation in these cases.

Commercial vehicle accident injuries

Since commercial vehicles are used for transporting goods and people for compensation, they are typically large vehicles with a large carrying capacity. Due to their size and contents, commercial vehicles are also very heavy. Their large size and heavy weight often contribute to catastrophic injuries incurred in accidents. These injuries are sometimes permanently debilitating or fatal.

Unable to work

When injuries are severe, accident victims are often unable to work while they recover from their injuries. This may lead to serious financial consequences when income is suddenly lost, especially when the injured person is a financial provider for the family. In some cases, the injury victim will be able to eventually return to work, but in more serious injury cases, the victim may never be able to work again or may only be able to work in a limited capacity. It is important that any settlement agreement includes compensation for lost earnings and the loss of future earning capacity.

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    Clarion County commercial vehicle accident attorneys have secured large settlements and jury awards for their clients injured in commercial vehicle accidents and will never recommend accepting quick insurance settlement offers that do not fully compensate injury victims and their families. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a commercial vehicle accident, contact the experts at SMT Legal for a free consultation.

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