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Clarion County Bus Accident Attorney

Buses in Clarion County offer transportation services for residents locally, across the state, and to other states as well. There are transit buses available to local seniors and college students who need help getting around town and out of town. Buses that go through Clarion County can transport passengers to nearby major cities for a fraction of the cost of plane tickets. Local children ride on school buses, to and from school and for field trips. Bus transportation is convenient for transporting large numbers of people at one time, but as Clarion County bus accident attorneys know, because of their large carrying capacity, there is always a potential for a large number of people to be injured in bus accidents as well.

Bus driver negligence

Depending on the accident circumstances and type of insurance, several parties could be liable for injuries and damages sustained in bus accidents. Whether the injury victim was a bus passenger, an occupant of another automobile, a pedestrian, or bicyclist, when a bus driver’s negligence causes injuries, the bus driver may be liable. Bus drivers are required to undergo extensive safety training and special licensing.

Bus company negligence

Bus company employers are typically liable for their bus driver employees’ negligence in bus accidents. The bus company may also be liable for its own negligence such as for poor bus maintenance, poor safety training for drivers, and failure to comply with other rules and regulations. They also may be liable for negligent hiring if they did not conduct proper background checks resulting in hiring drivers with poor driving records and criminal convictions related to drugs or alcohol. They also may be liable for encouraging drivers to violate regulations such as hours of service limitations.

Another driver’s negligence

When bus accidents occur, sometimes other automobile drivers are at fault. Those drivers and insurance companies may be liable for injuries and damages sustained in the accident. As mentioned above, when bus accidents occur, a large number of people have the potential to be injured because of a bus’s large carrying capacity. Many buses do not have seatbelts which means that people and belongings are not securely fastened in their seats when an accident occurs and that may contribute to severe injuries.

Government entity’s negligence

When the bus is a school or public bus, a school district or municipality may be at fault. Claims against government entities are subject to special time limits, recovery amounts, and notice requirements. Time is of the essence when filing a claim against government entities and injury victims should seek legal advice as soon as possible after an accident in order to avoid losing the opportunity to make a claim.

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