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Clarion County Personal Injury Attorney

Clarion County personal injury attorneys represent innocent people who have been injured in accidents caused by someone else’s negligent or reckless conduct. Our attorneys focus on compensation for injured clients so that they can focus on their injury recovery. We know how difficult recovery can be for injury victims and their families and our attorneys work to alleviate some of the stress they may experience by investigating accidents and injuries, negotiating with insurance companies, and aggressively pursuing full and fair compensation for injuries and damages sustained.

Types of personal injury claims we handle

With a combination of skilled attorneys and excellent resources, SMT Legal proudly has experts in almost every area of personal injury law. Unlike some attorneys and law firms that think that every type of personal injury case is the same, we know that different types of injury cases require specific knowledge and expertise and we have people who are experienced in those different areas including, but not limited to:

Insurance companies

After a personal injury accident, injury victims are often preoccupied and distressed about how the injuries are impacting their lives and their finances. They may feel financial pressures due to mounting medical bills, property damage, necessary child care, and lost wages from being unable to work. When insurance companies call, it may seem easier just to agree to their initial settlement offer so that victims and their families can close the claim side and focus on getting back to life as it was prior to the accident. Insurance company offers may even seem reasonable to injury victims who feel like the insurance companies want to help them, but in reality, they will not tell injury victims that they are entitled to more compensation than what they are offering and this is because the insurance companies are not working for injury victims. They are working for themselves and their number one goal is to minimize their payouts in exchange for the release of liability.

Maximizing compensation

It is never a good idea to accept a settlement with an insurance company and sign a waiver of liability without having an attorney at least review the proposed settlement and waiver. As mentioned above, they may not tell injury victims that they are entitled to compensation outside of medical bills and property damage when in fact, they may be entitled to much more including pain and suffering, punitive damages, lost wages, lost future earnings, and future related medical bills. Personal injury lawyers from SMT Legal are there to advocate for maximized compensation and insurance companies are typically more fair and reasonable in their settlement negotiations when they know that injury victims have legal advocates that are not afraid to take cases to trial when necessary.

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